19 July 2021

Join the Synack Red Team This Summer in Las Vegas

Rajesh Krishnan

Synack Race Condition PromotionHave you been thinking about joining the Synack Red Team, our team of ethical hackers who protect organizations and companies around the world? But you have been putting it off until you had “more time”?

Well the time is NOW! For the rest of the month of July, apply for a spot on the Synack Red Team and take advantage of this extra incentive.

Every summer in Las Vegas, we take some of our best SRT members out for some bonding, knowledge exchange and maybe a little adrenaline.

This year, we’re inviting SRT members in Las Vegas to do a little Go-Kart racing with us, with the top performers racing some exotic cars with us. While Ferraris and Lamborghinis will be there, who can object to the aptly named Dodge Charger SRT?

All you have to do is apply here. If you are accepted and are already in Las Vegas for DEF CON, you’ll get an invite for the SRT racing events above.

Also, the top five applicants who are accepted and use the code “SRT_VEGAS_2021” during their application will be added to a random drawing to win a 1-year Hack the Box VIP pass (valued at $150).

On top of the August benefits, membership in the Synack Red Team gives you access to the best targets run by the most professional defenders. Synack triages with 100% of payments at the time of vulnerability report verification – never on patch. That means you get one professional triage team, not inconsistent standards that change from target to target.

Learn more or apply now! We want to see you in Las Vegas!