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The 5 Benefits of Synack’s FedRAMP Moderate Authorized Platform

Jan 2024
Katie Bowen
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FedRAMP Moderate Authorized Designation Underscores Synack’s Commitment to Data Security

In 2022, we told you about Synack achieving the FedRAMP Moderate In-Process designation. Now, Synack demonstrates its commitment to data security for its customers by achieving the FedRAMP Moderate Authorized designation

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Synack met or exceeded the required 325 NIST 800-53 controls aligned with the Moderate impact level. Achieving this designation provides added assurance that Synack is reducing risk and providing government-grade data privacy protections. 

The Growing Importance of Security Testing As Part of the Software Development Lifecycle

The National Cybersecurity Strategy, released last year by the White House, highlighted the need for increased security and resilience in digital products and services procured and utilized by government agencies. The logic goes that if vulnerabilities are present in these services’ code when shipped, there is a greater risk for exploitation and possibly a breach. 

Federal agencies are already familiar with the benefits of third-party security testing, as such solutions were endorsed by the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, the National Cyber Strategy and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency Binding Operational Directive 20-01.

Notably, as required in BOD 20-01, agencies must develop vulnerability disclosure programs (VDPs). Aiding security leaders in their path to compliance for VDPs, Synack maintains Managed VDPs for dozens of organizations including many federal agencies.  

The 5 Benefits of Synack’s FedRAMP Moderate Authorized Platform for Federal Agencies

No more multi-step procurement processes

Leveraging the FedRAMP Moderate Authorized designation, Synack now provides the following benefits to federal agencies:

  • Easy and quick procurement
    Saves agencies time and more than 30% on cost and effort by using existing assessments authorized under FedRAMP that can also streamline the process to obtain an authority to operate (ATO).
  • Risk mitigation
    A security assessment at the Moderate level contains 3 times the security controls in an ISO 27001 certification. These protections provide assurance that Synack is handling your data and the pentesting with validated security procedures. 
  • FISMA compliance
    Agencies are required to maintain FISMA compliance, and FedRAMP provides a more affordable path to it. Many of the NIST 800-53 controls in FedRAMP overlap with those in FISMA, which means you don’t have to spend extra resources implementing these controls with vendors during an annual audit.
  • Data security
    Unlike FedRAMP’s lower authorization levels, FedRAMP Moderate is designed for agencies handling both external and internal applications. For example, if an agency works with sensitive data, they should be working with providers at the Moderate level. 
  • Continuous monitoring
    In order to comply with FedRAMP, agencies and software providers must each continuously monitor certain controls and go through an annual assessment, ensuring both sides are always working toward shared compliance.

Synack Awarded Highest Designation for On-Demand Security Penetration Testing Platform

Synack is the only on-demand security testing platform that has achieved Authorized status at the Moderate level. FedRAMP levels vary across the number of controls required, the sensitivity of information, and the network access for government applications. Cloud service providers (CSPs) are granted authorizations at four impact levels: LI-SaaS (Low Impact Software-as-a-Service), Low, Moderate and High. 

The difference in the control required is obvious when you compare each of the 17 NIST 800-53 control families side by side. These additional controls, adhered to by Synack, help to ensure that government assets, internally or externally, stay secure. 

Number of controls required to achieve the FedRAMP level

A Penetration Testing Platform for Federal Agencies: How It Works

Synack empowers government agencies to procure continuous penetration testing in a cloud-first environment with greater confidence. Combining point-in-time, human-led testing and automated scanning, the Synack Platform is a comprehensive solution to driving visibility into vulnerability discovery, management and gaps in secure coding practices. 

Adding to our network of elite and vetted security researchers, the updated Synack designation can aid federal organizations in saving 30-40% of government cost, time and effort. Agencies can leverage Synack’s security testing capabilities through the FedRAMP Marketplace and reduce duplicative risk management efforts. 

Synack’s integrations with platforms like Splunk, Microsoft Sentinel, Jira and ServiceNow enable agencies to easily integrate pentesting findings as well as API testing and vulnerability management processes into their threat analysis, software development and DevSecOps workflows.

If you’d like to learn more about Synack’s FedRAMP-Authorized Platform or solutions for your Federal SOC, click here to book a meeting with a Synack representative.

Katie Bowen is Vice President, Public Sector at Synack.