Season 3 Episode 8

Amy Chang on squaring cyber policy with real-world threats

Headshot of Amy Chang
Amy Chang

Amy Chang, a resident senior fellow for Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats at the R Street Institute, has many tough problems to consider, from election security to adversarial AI attacks to the geopolitical implications of cyberwarfare. In a world rife with hot takes, she pursues a balanced approach to answering these weighty issues—nothing is an assumed outcome. 

In this episode of WE’RE IN!, Amy provides insights into the potential cybersecurity policies of both the Trump and Biden administrations after the next presidential election, and how AI has the potential for more than just super-powered hacking. In a recently published paper, she and a colleague detailed consequences like inaccurate medical diagnoses or even manipulation of financial markets.

Listen to hear more about: 

  • The role of cybersecurity in the innovation race between China and the U.S.
  • The effectiveness of “name and shame” tactics more than a decade after the release of Mandiant’s landmark APT 1 report  
  • Why bipartisan support for cybersecurity measures may not equate to trust in the election security space