Security Testing for Financial Services

Banking, FinTech and insurance companies face some of the toughest scrutiny in security. Compliance regulations must be met, but a pentesting solution has to go beyond the checkbox to identify critical vulnerabilities and harden the attack surface. Our continuous pentesting through the Synack Platform helps your team head off threats before they strike.

Benefits of the Synack Platform for Financial Services



We can launch tactical testing for compliance frameworks like PCI, SOC 2, ISO27001 quickly and at scale. The Synack Red Team researchers complete compliance checklists (e.j. OWASP Top 10, NIST 800-53) that adhere to regulatory standards. Use our custom reports to inform auditors, or internal stakeholders.


Application Security

Your web and mobile applications can introduce many opportunities for attackers. As leaders of digital transformation, financial service organizations need an application security solution that keeps vulnerabilities at bay while helping your dev teams to better secure their code before deployment.


Secure PII Data

Breaches and data leaks hurt your brand and can lead to hefty fines. Creating a hardened attack surface and comprehensive security program requires full control and coverage with continuous pentesting.


Cloud Security

Hybrid and multi-cloud environments are becoming the norm with digital transformation. To compete, you need to stay agile and make security decisions that don’t slow the business. Synack can help.


Third Party & M&A

Introducing a third party into your environment, whether it’s a new vendor or a recently acquired company, is a vector to introduce vulnerabilities. Thorough vetting of a vendor or new company’s digital environment before integrating gives you assurance you’re not opening up to a potential attack.

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Benefits to Financial Service Organizations

Talent Augmentation

Fierce competition for top cybersecurity talent can be a barrier exacerbated by a lack of budget or quickly changing priorities in your security program. Synack can augment internal red teams with a global community of security researchers at your fingertips. Scale testing when you need it.


The Synack Red Team consists of 1,500 diverse researchers across the globe. They’re rigorously vetted for their skills and reputation. We select researchers for their specialized and diverse skills to cover the variety of security challenges our customers face. No security task is too great or small for the SRT.


Unlimited users, RBAC controls and coverage analytics provides the flexibility your team needs. You have the ability to see where, when and on what assets tests are running, and the ability to start and stop them with the click of a button.

Global Retailer Finally Gets Vulnerability Data They Can Trust

Allianz Direct, a Global 2000 insurance company operating in Europe needed to safeguard their data, meet compliance requirements, and do so without impacting their service delivery or customer experience. Learn more about how a standardized continuous pentesting model reduced the burden on their in-house pentest team, provided comprehensive vulnerability reporting, and increased their time to remediate.

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