Accenture Federal Services and Synack

Synack and AFS join forces, empowering government agencies to find the vulnerabilities that matter

Partnership Overview

Accenture Federal Services (AFS) cybersecurity services enable mission resilience by offering deep cyber expertise, advanced analytics, continuous monitoring and secure cloud services. AFS helps agencies detect, defeat and recover from attacks faster and with confidence. Synack complements AFS offerings with continuous adversarial testing of cyber defences, surfacing exploitable vulnerabilities and providing recommendations, so that AFS can help agencies close security gaps before they can be leveraged by malicious actors.

Synack’s Premier Security Testing Platform combines the power of automated intelligent scanning with human intelligence and triage to find the critical, exploitable vulnerabilities that matter. Powered by the Synack Red Team, our vetted expert community of 1,500+ security researchers, Synack tests for exploitable vulnerabilities throughout the year—not only during yearly compliance audits. Our partnership combines the highly skilled and agency-specific consultative expertise offered by AFS with safe, on-demand access to Synack’s scalable and diverse talent pool of security researchers.

Sample Use Cases

SOC Optimization

Synack’s Premier Security Testing Platform can safely test for the presence of and confirm exploitable vulnerabilities in a customer environment, helping Security Operations Center (SOC) operators such as AFS identify and remediate gaps in vulnerability detection and prevention. The partnership between Synack and AFS reduces time to identify, remediate and re-test vulnerabilities by integrating test findings into existing SOC processes.

Protecting the Nation’s Critical Assets

The Synack/Accenture partnership is an example of how Synack can provide a higher level of security evaluation to government customers. In-house or traditional pentesting is difficult to scale, but Synack’s community of skilled and trusted ethical researchers delivers effective, efficient and actionable security testing on-demand and at scale, allowing security teams to focus on the vulnerabilities that matter most.