Bridge the Cyber Talent Gap

Get on-demand access to highly skilled security researchers anytime, anywhere

Staying Secure in the Midst of a Talent Crisis


Underlying today’s security challenges is the cyber talent gap. Barebones security teams are taking on increasingly sophisticated adversaries, juggling an expanding and rapidly changing attack surface and struggling to find infosec candidates with the right expertise for their security objectives. With an estimated four million positions unfilled worldwide, organizations need on-demand security talent for pentesting and broader security objectives.

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Cyber Shortage

Recruiting for cybersecurity talent is a challenge; there are simply not enough cyber professionals in the market today. Outsourcing the work to contractors takes too long and consulting firms cannot staff their services.

Lack Cloud Expertise

Specialized skill sets are essential to adapt to today’s security challenges, but it’s difficult to recruit the right people needed to secure the attack surface. In one report, 50% of candidates lacked required cloud expertise.

Higher Salaries In Private Sector

Shortages in cyber talent mean fierce salary competition, leaving industries like public sector and finance to suffer from disproportionate hiring costs.

Bridging the Gap Today with On-demand
Security Talent and the Synack Platform


The Synack Red Team (SRT)

A community of security researchers from around the world with specialized skills are vetted through a rigorous process and bring a valuable adversarial perspective through the Synack Platform.


On-demand Access to Talent

Augment the capacity of your security staff with on-demand talent accessed through the Synack Platform, allowing for scalable pentesting, zero day response and other on-demand security tasks.


A Diverse Set of Skills

The platform provides access to 1,500+ researchers, saving you recruiting time and eliminating cost for new hires. The capable researchers on the Synack Red Team bring a diverse set of skills to accomplish any task.

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A Platform that Enables Collaboration and Efficiency with Top Talent


Accessible Talent

The diverse skills of the SRT are brought to life through the Synack platform, which surfaces critical vulnerabilities found by researchers, facilitates communication and provides on-demand activation of the community for pentesting and other security tasks.


Collaboration and Communication

In addition to seeing critical vulnerabilities found by researchers, platform users can communicate with researchers on methodologies used for exploitation, remediation tactics and patch verification.


On-Demand Security

On-demand security tasks, from cloud testing to checking for a new CVE, can be activated within the platform for immediate, responsive testing.

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