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Digital transformation is happening at breakneck speed, putting security teams under intense pressure. Synack, one of the world’s largest pentesting providers, finds exploitable vulnerabilities faster than traditional pentesting with our community of ethical security researchers paired with smart technology. Synack offers an on-demand security testing platform, enabling continuous pentesting on web and mobile applications, networks, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and cloud assets.

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"Our ability to spin up tests quickly, with very effective results allows the business to keep innovating without security impacting our timelines."

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The Benefits of Going Beyond
Traditional Pentesting

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Scalable Testing Programs

Test at scale from a single to thousands of assets through harnessing a vetted community of researchers and smart technology
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Security Performance Quantified

Board-level insights and scores that help you drive initiatives, stay within budget, and minimize risk in order to enable the business and ensure business continuity
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Remediate Faster

Speed up remediation timelines from months to days or weeks through patch verification, role-based access control, APIs and integrations

Penetration Testing

for Specific Assets

Web Application Testing

Synack has tested tens of thousands of Fortune 500 applications for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities like SQL Injection attacks and Cross-Site Scripting. Learn More


Check for security misconfigurations, proper access controls, and more vulnerabilities to keep your pathways for critical data secure.


Test for cloud misconfigurations and changes to your assets across AWS, Azure and GCP in addition to software hosted in the cloud.


Synack targets network assets looking for vulnerabilities that allow attackers to gain access to the system or environment.


Synack has tested a wide range of IoT devices including retail technology and weapon systems. Clients range from Domino’s to the Department of Defense.

Mobile Application Testing

Test across many of the common attack vectors for mobile from unauthenticated users to reverse engineering.
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