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Businesses have faced significant disruption, not just from the acceleration of digital transformation, but from surging incidence of ransomware attacks and sophisticated espionage operations. Traditional penetration testing is one way of getting an outside perspective of your attack surface to stay ahead of malicious actors. However, the trends indicate that companies require scalable, on-demand penetration testing solutions that deliver actionable results to stay ahead of the adversary.

The Synack’s on-demand SaaS platform scales security testing to fit your needs through a combination of crowdsourced security expertise and advanced technology. It coordinates the right combination of crowd skills and proprietary scanning technology to go beyond traditional penetration testing.

"Our ability to spin up tests quickly, with very effective results allows the business to keep innovating without security impacting our timelines."

Why enterprise customers choose Synack:

  • Ability to scale testing up and down to meet your changing dynamic needs
  • A realistic hacker perspective technical evaluation of your digital assets’ hardness against attack
  • High-quality vulnerability reports that enable your team to set priorities and shift left to work closely with developers to build trusted products
  • Easy collaboration across dispersed virtual teams
  • Board-level insights and scores that help you minimize risk in order to enable the business, ensure business continuity, and prevent brand damage

Comparing Synack's Integrated Platform With Alternatives

Synack Difference Table Image

Assets That The Synack Team Covers in Penetration Testing

Synack Icon Green Internet

External Public-Facing Testing

Synack tests assets like websites, apps and host infrastructure that the public interacts with. This includes testing for application security weaknesses like SQL injection, cross site scripting, and other common vulnerabilities.

Synack Icon Blue Internal

Internal-Facing Testing

Synack is also able to test assets that exist behind a firewall and are internal to the organization, checking for misconfigurations, cryptography weaknesses, authorization issues and other common vulnerabilities found on host infrastructure.

Synack Icon Purple Cloud

Cloud Testing

Synack can test your cloud infrastructure for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and weaknesses that can undermine your security posture.

Penetration testing is a fundamental aspect to Synack’s product packages. Visit our products page to learn how crowdsourced penetration testing fits in with our offerings.

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