ServiceNow and Synack

Continuous Security Testing and Vulnerability Management

Partnership Overview

Synack security testing combines intelligent software with the power of an elite vetted team of security researchers to proactively test for exploitable vulnerabilities in your environment. Synack-discovered, exploitable vulnerabilities are reported and remediated in ServiceNow, so that security gaps can be closed before actual attacks occur.

Integrating vulnerability data from our Platform into ServiceNow provides customers with the ability to resolve security incidents as per their defined workflows and processes. Synack integration apps are available for the Incident Management and Vulnerability Response modules within ServiceNow.

Sample Use Cases

SOC Optimization

ServiceNow, a leading provider of management tools for security and IT operations, has joined forces with Synack’s premier security testing platform to help Security Operations Center (SOC) operators spot and correct gaps in vulnerability detection and protection.

Security Testing Integration

Synack finds exploitable vulnerabilities using our continuous scanning technology and the world’s best security researchers, the Synack Red Team. When you integrate your ServiceNow instances with Synack data, you can increase cyber resiliency and reduce the risk of a breach.