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Synack Launches Trust Center for Streamlined Security Information

Branden Carlson
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Why is Synack Launching a Trust Center?

Traditionally security has always been about keeping your cards close to your chest and rarely giving up information pertaining to the security of your systems. While this concept of security through obscurity has been a main driving factor across both the public and private sector for decades, it’s now being challenged on multiple fronts.

One immediate principle that’s been gaining traction after the release of the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency’s white paper on Secure by Design is the principle of radical transparency. While this principle can be broad, it essentially means companies and organizations can “show their hand” and provide transparency to customers. Transparency allows companies to communicate just how seriously they take security and the steps it took to get there. 

At Synack, we’ve taken the principle of radical transparency and operationalized it. We established our own Trust Center, using, a platform to host security certificates and compliance requirements. 

The Synack SafeBase Trust Center allows us to streamline customers’ ability to view compliance and security-centric information regarding the Synack Platform. The Trust Center further solidifies Synack’s commitment to our customers of transparency, trust and leading change within the cybersecurity industry.

To access the Synack Trust Center, click here.

Why Should Customers Use the Synack Trust Center? 

Using the Synack Trust Center allows quick access for customers to fill out questionnaires and answer any compliance and security questions they may have. 

Subscribe to Updates

Any important security or compliance updates will be communicated via email to customers by using the “subscribe” button located at the top of the Trust Center.

Need to Request Additional Documentation? 

Click on the “Request Access” button to request access to Synack’s Policies and Procedures. Please place your Customer Service Manager’s email in the “Point of Contact” field so your request can be validated. Before being granted access, Synack will check for an NDA on file.

Sharing standard security and compliance information gives peace of mind to customers that Synack is doing its part to stay on top of new industry standards and will continue to uplevel its own security.