Security Testing for the Technology Industry

The Synack platform is tailored to take on some of the technology industry’s toughest security challenges. Built to stay one step ahead of any fast paced software development life cycle (SDLC), the platform has enabled our technology customers to continuously evaluate and improve their security postures. It’s no wonder four of the world’s top 10 cybersecurity companies by market capitalization trust Synack to be a key partner in their security strategies.

A Better Way to Pentest for Technology Companies


SDLC Support

Our 1,500+ elite security researchers on the Synack Red Team continuously validate and improve customers’ security postures well before software products are pushed to production. Synack has partnered with Jira to make continuous security testing an integrated part of our customers’ software development life cycles.


Cloud Security

Get an adversarial perspective on your shift to the cloud and uncover critical vulnerabilities. Seamless integrations mean Synack’s cloud solution can be easily applied across common cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle Cloud. Members of our Synack Red Team have tested hundreds of cloud environments.


More Signal, Less Noise

All vulnerability reports are routed through our expert Vulnerability Operations team forvalidation, minimizing false positives and reducing noise. VulnOps ensures quality results are presented in easily digestible formats, routinely integrating data into existing security software.


Third Party & M&A

Introducing a third party into your environment, whether it’s a new vendor or a recently acquired company, is a vector to introduce vulnerabilities. Thorough vetting of a vendor or new company’s digital environment before integrating gives you assurance you’re not opening up to a potential attack.

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MPO Transforms Supply Chain Security with Synack

A SaaS supply chain company was extending their reach into international markets. Local pentesting firms did not deliver the results they hoped for. They needed to expand their cybersecurity efforts to help them consistently deliver a safe, outstanding customer experience.


Talent Augmentation

Fierce competition for top cybersecurity talent can be a barrier exacerbated by a lack of budget or quickly changing priorities in your security program. Synack can augment internal red teams with a global community of security researchers at your fingertips. Scale testing when you need it.


The Synack Red Team consists of 1,500 diverse researchers across the globe.They’re rigorously vetted for their skills and reputation. We select researchers for their specialized and diverse skills to cover the variety of security challenges our customers face. No security task is too great or small for the SRT.


Unlimited users, RBAC controls and coverage analytics provides the flexibility your team needs.You have the ability to see where, when and on what assets tests are running, and the ability to start and stop them with the click of a button.

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