Synack Partners with Jira

Integrating security testing with the Software Development Life Cycle workflow

Jira Software

Synack, the Premier Security Testing Platform, is partnering with Jira Software (from Atlassian), the leading software development tool used by agile teams, to make continuous security validation an integrated part of the SDLC. Synack continuously tests application security throughout the development and update phases so that vulnerabilities can be discovered earlier in the life cycle even as projects frequently change. Unlike traditional static security testing, which runs infrequently and with rigid scope, Synack’s security testing runs continuously and anticipates a dynamic scope.


Jira + Synack Joint Solution Overview

If you want a continuous and agile development lifecycle while reducing the risk of being undermined by introducing a lot of vulnerabilities, merge your cybersecurity and development workflows. Read on to learn how Synack partnered with Jira to meet this need.

Make Security Testing part of your Agile Cycle

Agile methodology presents challenges for software security. With an agile Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) comes concurrent workflows, adjusting goals and frequent deliverable changes. Continuous security testing can be adopted to address this dynamic landscape.

How to Get Started with Synack for Jira

Synack’s App for Jira installs seamlessly on your existing Jira subscription and can be configured to work with your Synack Platform subscription within minutes. The is supported for server, data center and cloud instances of Jira.