Environmental Sustainability Policy

Synack is committed to environmental sustainability and supporting country-level climate goals. As a fully remote company, our operating model eliminates the need for commuting, drastically reducing our carbon emissions compared to many peer security companies that may require in-office or hybrid work schedules.

The Smallest Efforts Matter

We recognize that even fully remote companies still have an impact on the environment, and small efforts to promote eco-friendly behavior can add up to a big difference for a sustainable future.

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Synack’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability


E-Waste Management

The World Health Organization states that e-waste is the fastest growing solid waste stream in the world. To combat this threat to the environment, Synack prevention and management policies include:

  • Fostering e-waste recycling with our laptop return program
  • Using cloud-based software and networking solutions to reduce the need for on-premises hardware, curbing energy consumption

Remote Work Impact

New studies suggest that full time remote work cuts carbon by 54%. Synack’s commitment to reduce our carbon footprint includes:

  • Implementing a 100% remote work structure
  • Offering public transit benefits to promote the use of less carbon-intensive means of travel

Environmental Impact

Synack recognizes the environmental benefits of going digital wherever possible. With recycling efforts and energy reducing actions, we:

  • Encourage the use of laptops over desktops for energy-saving advantages
  • Implement paperless policies for all internal and external communication, including the use of digital documentation and e-signatures
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Questions about our environmental policies?

We periodically solicit feedback from our employees on how we can strengthen our sustainability commitments and would like to hear from you as well.