Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Synack delivers continuous and point-in-time pentesting to scale to your needs and provides high quality, actionable results that improves efficacy

A PTaaS Platform to improve security posture

Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS) gives security teams real time visibility into exploitable vulnerabilities across a variety of assets such as web applications, APIs, hosts and more. Synack’s PTaaS offering includes the human security testing expertise of the Synack Red Team and the data-rich Synack Platform for asset and vulnerability management, test results, reports and analytics.

Why all PTaaS vendors are not created equal


PTaaS represents a progression from traditional pentesting to a more operationally efficient model, saving security teams time and budget and improving security posture. Scaling testing quickly and efficiently has never been better with on-demand security testing services available at the click of a button.

However, many PTaaS vendors continue to offer a “two-tester” model, provide point-in-time reports and check a box for compliance. This delivery model doesn’t help security programs mature. The Synack Platform, in contrast, provides a better pentesting as a service experience by offering continuous pentesting backed by a community of more than 1,500 security researchers.

Penetration Testing as a Service

Benefits of PTaaS

Fast, Flexible Deployment & Controls

Choose and launch penetration testing services from the platform on-demand; starting, auditing and stopping tests whenever needs arise. Don’t wait for your next scheduled compliance pentest.

Broader Visibility

Instead of cumbersome PDF reports, results are stored and searchable on the platform and easily available to broad security team members and systems.

Elite Diverse Talent

The platform enables quick access to a vetted expert community of 1,500+ security researchers, providing diverse testing skills and quality results. Don’t be constrained by a small, static talent pool of pentesters.

How it works

Continuous Pentesting as a Service


Pentesting that integrates into your development cycle

As companies move to an agile model for software development, the release of new features or products becomes more frequent. Synack tests at multiple stages of development and assists developer and QA teams with quick remediation through real-time reporting and patch verification.


Continuous coverage of cloud instances

Dynamic and ephemeral cloud assets fall out of compliance or become susceptible to attacks after a single update. Cloud assets that store sensitive data need continuous testing. Synack has integrations with AWS, Azure and GCP that enable detection of changes and new IPs.


Keep up with Zero-Days and other new threats

Traditional pentesting fails to keep up with sophisticated hackers and their rate of change. Emerging threats get exploited while you wait for your next quarterly or yearly pentest. Synack PTaaS is available 24/7 via the Synack Platform, so that you can continuously test for the latest new vulnerabilities, and your security team can close security gaps.


Skills Gap

Pentesting must evolve from the traditional limited diversity of the “two-tester model” in order to match the creativity and agility of the attacker community. Synack PTaaS brings the Synack Red Team, a community of incentivized security researchers, to the attack surface. This delivery model offers increased testing skill diversity and better validation to improve cyber resilience of assets.

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