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Synack & Carahsoft: Working Together to Deliver Strategic Security Testing for the Public Sector

Mar 2024
Luke Luckett
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With increasing alerts about unpatched vulnerabilities and news of impacts to critical systems that protect citizens and federal employees, it’s not a surprise that a growing number of government agencies are pushing to improve their vulnerability management stance, increase cyber resilience and reduce overall risk to their agencies and stakeholders. 

Stepping up to meet such a challenge is Synack, now partnered with Carahsoft, to deliver its security testing platform to government agencies at the Federal Civilian, Department of Defense and State & Local government levels. 

Synack delivers continuous Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaas) on its FedRAMP Moderate Authorized Platform. For more than 10 years, Synack has been counted on to deliver continuous penetration testing and vulnerability management, using the diversity of skills on the Synack Red Team to conduct API security testing, pentesting in the cloud, web and host pentests, mobile and the testing of Large Language Models (LLMs). 

As the Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, Carahsoft is depended upon by IT and cybersecurity leadership across U.S. and Canadian governments to source and deliver technology solutions which are practical, easy to integrate and mission-driven. 

Additionally, customers rely on Synack to deliver and triage their Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDP), which helps U.S. Federal agencies adhere to Binding Operational Directive 20-01 requirements. 

Security leaders have also been encouraged by Synack’s new Attack Surface Management solution, which surfaces vulnerable external assets and enables red teams to investigate, triage and conduct human-led penetration testing, all on a single platform.     

Together, Carahsoft and Synack are empowering federal, state and local government customers—and the value added resellers that service them—to increase cyber resilience and improve their vulnerability stance by integrating the Synack Platform and its strategic security testing into their stacks and the top of their cyber toolboxes.

To learn more about Synack and Carahsoft, head to, and be sure to register for our webinar, Resilience Unleashed: The Case for Developing a Security Testing Vision