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Synack PTaaS Platform provides the most comprehensive security testing solution in the market. Our talented community of security researchers, the Synack Red Team (SRT), works to discover critical vulnerabilities at scale. With continuous and on-demand testing, attack surface discovery and end-to-end vulnerability management capabilities, we’re helping organizations find and fix critical vulnerabilities faster, all on one centralized platform.

Harden your attack surface, reduce risk and improve security posture the right way. What can you expect from a demo?

  • Asset discovery & insights
  • Continuous & on-demand testing
  • Vulnerability management
  • Customizable reporting & real-time analytics
  • Testing controls
  • API & integrations
  • Operations & support
  • Synack Red Team

“Traditional, point-in-time pentests are no longer viable in our agile delivery approach. Continuous pentest programs like the one from Synack are the only way to securely deliver customer value at the pace we want.”

Anton Göbel
Information Security Officer, Allianz Direct

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