Synack and Microsoft Join Together to Build Trust in the Cloud

Synack’s integrations provides continuous and on-demand security testing for digital transformation in Microsoft Azure

Validated Integrations

Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel is a scalable, cloud-native, single solution for intelligent security analytics, event management, threat detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response. It helps provide early threat detection, and rapid response to sophisticated attacks to facilitate shorter resolution times and a reduction in the volume of security incidents in your Microsoft Azure cloud assets. To help shorten remediation and resolution times even further, Synack now provides a direct integration to Microsoft Sentinel for automatically creating Microsoft Sentinel incidents from Synack vulnerability testing data.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud helps protect against threats, providing tools to manage your organization’s security policy and compliance. It allows you to monitor for misconfigurations and known vulnerabilities, giving security engineers and managers a real-time view of the security state of their Microsoft Azure cloud in easy-to-view dashboards. Synack, the premier security testing platform powered by the most skilled and trusted community of global security researchers provide continuous penetration testing with actionable reports to Microsoft Defender for Cloud where the vulnerabilities can be investigated and resolved.

Benefits of the Synack and Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft Security & Compliance for Cloud Infrastructure

Pairing Microsoft S&C4CI with Synack’s premier security platform and researchers creates an efficient feedback loop in which Microsoft integrates Synack offensive security testing data into your enterprise security and development programs. Microsoft Azure-specific procedures, policies and environments are designed, developed and refined based on your actual resilience to attack. Testing includes web, infrastructure, mobile and API assets across internal, external and Azure networks.

Joint Solutions for Real-time Visibility and Faster Remediation

Synack provides critical information for remediation of exploitable vulnerabilities
View Synack vulnerability assessment results in Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel.

  • Automatically create vulnerability entries in defender for cloud
  • Automatically create incidents in Microsoft Sentinel
  • Provide an holistic view of your cloud security
  • Easy integration
  • Provide an holistic view of your network security posture