Security Testing
for Compliance

Synack on-demand penetration testing covers a wide variety of compliance requirements and checks for OWASP and NIST 800-53 security risks. With the Synack Platform, test results are generated within 24 hours including audit-ready reports.


Frameworks We Meet

Achieve Risk Management and Compliance with Synack Pentesting


Synack Missions: Fast and On-demand Security Checks

Synack Missions can be launched in seconds to demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards and security controls by utilizing the Synack Red Team (SRT) to complete specific tasks and provide documentation of their work. Missions include a report with documentation and data suitable for NIST, PCI and OWASP (WSTG, MSTG, ASVS).


Report Generation with Proof-of-work

We provide consistent, polished assessment reports that detail the scope of the test, CVSS scores, recommended fixes, remediation status and even pentesting coverage by assessment, domain or sub-domain. Flexible report generation provides proof-of-work for executive audiences and compliance auditors and slots into frameworks like PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 and FISMA.


Real-Time Reporting and Patch Verification to Speed Up Remediation

Many organizations struggle to convert findings into corrective actions for developers and security operations. Following a pentest, it is critical for organizations to develop a plan to prioritize and remediate the vulnerabilities. We provide detailed guidance for remediation immediately when a vulnerability is found and SRT researchers will re-test the vulnerabilities to ensure they have been patched.

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Synack Products for Compliance

Synack14 Pentest

Many regulatory frameworks require a security assessment which can be met with Synack14, a 14-day pentest that utilizes incentive-driven testing conducted by a diverse community of highly-vetted researchers to discover exploitable vulnerabilities.

Continuous Pentesting

Go beyond compliance to minimize risk and harden your attack surface with Synack365 and Synack90, which blends automatic and adversarial human analysis with the Platform’s vulnerability management to maximize efficiency on a continuous cadence.

On-demand Security Tasks

Through the Synack Catalog, SRT researchers can be activated to run vulnerability checklists like OWASP Top 10 and NIST 800-53, document their work, and generate reports to demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards and security controls.