Better security testing that’s always on offense

The Synack Platform provides a more skillful approach to security testing with on-demand access to the best security researchers in the world and automated scanning. We deliver continuous, scalable pentesting to find the vulnerabilities that matter and show improvement of your security posture over time.


Learn what sets Synack’s pentesting approach apart

The Synack Platform

Experience a better way to pentest with intelligent vulnerability management workflows, automated scanning, on-demand security tasks and convenient integrations. Transform your security testing with the help of 1,500 of the world’s most diverse, skilled and trusted security researchers.

The Synack
Red Team

Trust. Honor. Excellence. Members of our Synack Red Team (SRT) embody the pinnacle of pentesting skill, bringing decades of collective experience and specialties ranging from headless APIs to cloud security.

The Synack Story

Co-founders Jay Kaplan and Dr. Mark Kuhr launched their careers with the NSA and U.S. Department of Defense as technical security experts protecting the country from both kinetic and cyber attacks. They had a shared vision to revolutionize cybersecurity by combining human intelligence with best-in-class technology to create a scalable, effective security solution.


Two hackers and a laptop have you covered. Right?

We didn’t think so. One-off pentests can’t keep up with constantly evolving cyberthreats. Our platform connects you with vetted, elite security researchers on the SRT, whose diversity, technical chops and creativity set them apart from the pack. Our Vulnerability Operations team reviews reports to eliminate noise and tease out actionable insights to demonstrably improve your security posture over time.


Actionable reports at your fingertips

Expect clear, consistent reporting in real-time through our platform, including recommended fixes. An efficient vulnerability management workflow, robust analytics and integrations enable you to not only meet compliance objectives but also remediate gaps in your security posture and track progress over time.


A quicker way to pentest

Developers like to “move fast and break things” as security pros struggle to keep up. Our platform augments your own security program to provide continuous coverage and surge capacity during the next cybersecurity crisis. Communicate on demand with researchers on vuln findings and remediation efforts. Start or stop testing at the push of a button.

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How Synack stacks up



Traditional Testing

Automated Testing

Bug Bounty

Metrics that demonstrate security progress over time

On-demand reports for compliance requirements

Dedicated Customer Success and Operations teams

Diverse perspectives from global security pros

Incentive-driven testing where researchers are paid per finding

Integrations to consume findings in other platforms (Jira, ServiceNow, etc.)

Dedicated triage team for noise reduction

Centralized SaaS platform for testing across a distributed enterprise

Managed researcher payouts and predictable cost

Traditional, point-in-time pentests are no longer viable in our agile delivery approach. Continuous pentest programs like the one from Synack are the only way to securely deliver customer value at the pace we want. ANTON GÖBEL – INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER, ALLIANZ DIRECT
We particularly liked being able to interact with researchers on our schedule when we had questions. With a regular pentest, we would have lost access to the testers when the test was over. SAL DAZZO – DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING, VARO BANK
The service is exceptional; we’re seeing vulnerabilities…It’s fast, it’s effective, and proves its worth internally MARK WALMSLEY – CISO/MANAGING DIRECTOR, FRESHFIELDS
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