Pentesting in a FedRAMP Moderate Environment

Security Testing for internal assets in a FedRAMP Moderate environment

Complete Oversight of Testing

Continuous oversight into what’s being tested, when, where and how often

Testing Sensitive Data

Ability to test Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Testing Internal Assets

Ability to safely test internal assets, reducing security risk and providing a path to FISMA compliance

Streamlined ATO

Streamlined Authority to Operate process


Scalable Security Testing that Improves Data Security for Public Sector


Continuous Penetration Testing at Scale for U.S. Public Sector

Synack holds the FedRAMP designation at the Moderate “In Process” level, showcasing our commitment to federal agency needs for compliance, penetration testing and vulnerability disclosure management. This showcases Synack’s continued commitment to enabling federal agencies to meet compliance requirements while conducting continuous penetration testing, vulnerability management and vulnerability disclosure management.


Proof of Our Commitment to Data Security

This highlights Synack’s dedication to meeting all our federal customers’ security needs and sets us apart from our peers in security testing.

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