Security Testing for AI and LLMs

Cover Unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) and LLM Vulnerabilities that Put Your Attack Surface at Risk

Synack’s Security Testing for AI and LLM Pentesting

Gartner predicts that through 2025 “generative AI will cause a spike of cybersecurity resources required to secure it, causing more than a 15% incremental spend on application and data security.”

New AI experiences like chatbots or search engines can be vulnerable to exploits like prompt injection, where an adversary crafts an intentionally malicious prompt to elicit unintended behavior like customer data leakage or revealing training data. Prompt injection represents just one of 10 OWASP-identified vulnerabilities.

The Synack Platform enables Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) on your AI/LLM applications performed by top global researchers. Schedule tests, receive live results and understand overall risk through a centralized view that integrates into your ecosystem and aligns with vulnerabilities in the OWASP AI/LLM Top 10.

On-demand security testing for AI and LLM Pentesting

Challenges with AI and LLM Applications

Unique AI and LLM Vulnerabilities

Chatbot applications or a search engine experience with generative  AI-powered interactions come with a unique set of exploitations such as prompt injection and others listed in the OWASP AI/LLM Top 10.

Non-Deterministic Interactions

By design, AI and LLMs are dynamic and difficult to assess with a traditional pentest. Human-led testing allows for an iterative process where security researchers test and then test again, taking into account non-deterministic interactions.

Data Privacy Concerns

Customer and user data is always at risk in web applications, but AI/LLM applications that receive sensitive data create another vector where data can be collected and leaked.

Insecure Code Written by AI

According to Gartner, “AI Coding Assistants are rapidly becoming a popular way for developers to write better code at a faster rate.” Inevitably, a subset of code will be vulnerable to cyber attacks, increasing the need for pentesting across the attack surface.

The Impact of AI on Penetration Testing

How AI is Changing Security Testing Methodologies

AI/LLM models have their own unique set of vulnerabilities, including prompt injection, model theft, training data poisoning, insecure plugin design and more. Synack AI/LLM pentesting checks for these novel vulnerabilities.

One vector of risk in the presence of an AI/LLM model lies in your data. AI/LLMs can leak customer data, sensitive training data and employee/internal information if not secured properly. In checking for the vulnerabilities listed above, Synack ensures that no data leakage is found.

Integrating an AI or LLM application into your tech stack can lead to new attack vectors, just like any other application. However, AI and LLMs training models and access to sensitive data can lead to data breaches, use of poisoned data and more.

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Get the Best Coverage for AI/LLM Applications

Comprehensive Testing of AI/LLM

Skilled researchers test your entire application, looking not just for AI-specific vulnerabilities but other common web exploits on the entire application.

Real-Time Vulnerability Analytics

Vulnerabilities are delivered in real-time through the platform, where you can comment back and forth with researchers, integrate with other tools and request patch verification.

Top Hacking Talent with AI Skills

Synack Red Team researchers are not only familiar with finding AI/LLM vulnerabilities, but also leveraging AI in their pentesting workflows. Through the diverse community nurtured by Synack, you’ll receive the top talent in testing for your attack surface.

How to start testing AI

AI/LLM Pentesting with the Synack Platform


AI/LLM Pentesting On-Demand

With Synack’s PTaaS Platform, you can submit new applications, schedule tests and activate researchers with the push of a button, faster than traditional pentesting.


Check For Critical AI/LLM Vulnerabilities

AI checklist

The Synack Red Team will check for common vulnerabilities found in the OWASP AI/LLM Top 10.


Full Transparency of AI/LLM Pentesting

Coverage analytics provides insight into what kinds of attacks and traffic researchers are sending to the web application and AI/LLM, giving assurance and clarity into pentesting coverage.


Real-Time AI/LLM Vulnerability Management


Receive exploitable AI/LLM vulnerability findings, request patch verification and talk to researchers directly as findings are delivered real-time through the Synack Platform.

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