API Security Testing

Penetration Testing that protects and hardens the API attack surface, your newest threat vector

Why pentest your APIs with Synack

According to Gartner, 90% of web applications now have a larger attack surface exposed via APIs than through the user interface. API protection is a critical piece of the attack surface that requires offensive penetration testing.

Benefits of API Security Testing with Synack


Full visibility into API attack traffic from researchers


Get comprehensive API testing as part of a web application or a stand-alone, headless API

Vulnerability Reporting

Clear, actionable reports on exploitable vulnerabilities

API Security Testing
Through the Synack Platform


Full Transparency Into Researcher Attack Traffic to APIs

During pentesting, coverage analytics are made available in-platform, where domains, paths and API endpoints are enumerated and stats about the types of exploitation attempts are displayed.


Discovering Critical API Vulnerabilities

Synack Red Team (SRT) researchers will look for common and critical vulns, such as ones listed in the OWASP API Top 10. Read about our API testing methodology.


Testing API “Headless” Endpoints

Headless API traffic is growing as businesses build more B2B communication technologies. Not all API endpoints are accessible through a web UI or tested during a web app pentest. We provide an adversarial perspective on these hidden endpoints.


Efficient API Vulnerability Management


Quickly assess exploitable API vulnerability findings, request patch verification and communicate direclty with researchers on findings through our Platform or an integration with your existing vuln management system.


Easily Generate API Testing Reports


Generate easy-to-read PDF reports for compliance auditors or other audiences that detail API security testing coverage, vulnerabilities found, remeditation efforts and more.

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