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Vulnerability Management

What is vulnerability management? Learn more about this critical component in security testing programs, the different phases, benefits and more.


What is Vulnerability Management and Why is it Important?

TL;DR Vulnerability Management: Protecting Your Systems and Networks Vulnerability management is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity. By proactively managing vulnerabilities, organizations can protect themselves from potential security breaches and data breaches. To learn more about the importance of vulnerability management and how it can benefit your organization, continue reading the rest of the article. Grasping […]


Vulnerability Management: A Key Component of Penetration Testing Programs

Why is Vuln Management Necessary? The number and severity of cybersecurity breaches continues to increase. The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. has gone up steadily from $5.4M in 2013 to $9.44M in 2022. The most popular target business sectors are financial, SaaS/webmail and social media, comprising more than 50% of all reported attacks. A favorite […]

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