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What is application security? Learn about the various application security testing tools like SAST and DAST, how they’re different and what they deliver.


Understanding the Difference Between DAST vs. SAST for Application Security Testing

TL;DR With all the different types of application security testing tools and solutions on the market today, it can be hard to determine which tool does what, where they’re needed and how effective they can be. Let’s start with DAST and SAST. DAST and SAST are two different approaches to application security. SAST, or Static […]


What is Application Security Testing and Why Is It Important?

What Is Application Security Testing? Application Security Testing (AST) is a process for identifying, reporting on and eliminating security weaknesses in software applications, including the code base and its framework, whether those applications run on-premises or in the cloud. The goal of an AST program is to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in the organization’s […]

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