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Announcing the 2021-22 Synack Acropolis, Legends and Featured Envoy Mentors

Sep 2022
Ryan Rutan
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Trust. Honor. Excellence. These words are the foundational pillars for the Synack Acropolis and Synack Red Team. This past year, these core principles ushered in two new initiatives to address the rising cybersecurity talent gap and opportunity problems: Artemis Red Team and SRT Mentorship Program.

The Artemis Red Team is focused on creating the world’s best cybersecurity community for women, trans, non-binary and other gender minorities. The community’s purpose is to deliver opportunities for them to feel supported and expand their careers with like-minded excellence. Part of that mission is a commitment to helping researchers become their best by learning from the best, hence the formation of the SRT Mentorship program. Everyone has something to share, thus anyone can be a mentor. The SRT Mentorship program codifies this ideal by ensuring that mentors are recognized and turns what has historically been a purely philanthropic endeavor into an effective side-hustle earning researchers of all shapes and sizes additional opportunities, special rewards, pay incentives and recognition at the upper-echelons of the Synack Acropolis as an SRT Envoy or, even better, Mentor of the Year.

Together these programs amplify flames of curiosity, courage and camaraderie that have long existed in the hacker ethos, and the researchers who contribute their time, knowledge and passion will play an influential role in shaping the future of cybersecurity.

2021-22 Acropolis Winners

It is with great honor, pride and respect that Synack announces the following top award winners for this year’s recognition program:  

The awards from left to right are SRT of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Guardian of Trust and Mentor of the Year.

In addition, the following researchers have opted-in to showcase their recognition for dedication and commitment to excellence this past year:











Lifetime Achievement Program

The SRT Legends program is a lifetime achievement program that focuses SRT long-term goals directly towards addressing the cybersecurity talent-gap. The goal is for SRT to share their diverse skills with more than just a single program or customer. To achieve SRT Legend status, it takes time, dedication and a commitment to quality. This year Synack recognizes three new researchers to this hallowed class:


What’s Next

Who will claim next year’s coveted top spots? Who knows…it could be you! Take your first steps and apply to the Synack Red Team today, or reach out to @SynackRedTeam, @ryanrutan or on LinkedIn.

— Ryan Rutan

Sr. Director of Community, Synack Red Team