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Synack to Boost Cybersecurity Gender Diversity with New Artemis Red Team

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If you work in a technology industry such as cybersecurity, you’ve probably noticed the lack of gender diversity. Most offices, companies, and conferences are—let’s face it—Y-chromosome-heavy. 

At Synack, we feel that this lack of diversity isn’t good for society or for infosec. After all, Synack is built on the foundation that a diverse, worldwide community of ethical hackers can outperform any less diverse group of testers. Each Synack Red Team member, our community of about 1,500 skilled hackers, introduces different perspectives. It comes through their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). According to our customers, it works. 

To help support and grow a welcoming and supportive community for all cybersecurity researchers, Synack is now announcing—drumroll please… the Artemis Red Team (ART)! 

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The ART is a new sub-community within the Synack Red Team (SRT) exclusively open to security professionals who identify as women, nonbinary, or other gender minorities. We created the program with a specific focus on providing opportunities for engagement, professional support, career development, bug bounty learning and networking. We will seek to provide these values through meetups, guest speakers, exclusive events, and fun activities among our members to enhance the community.

“We need to do better as an industry to ensure we’re inclusive, welcoming, and supportive of everyone working in information security,” said Jay Kaplan, Synack’s CEO. “I’m so proud that we’re launching the Artemis Red Team to help foster diversity and create more pathways for women and gender minorities in the industry. Encouraging this kind of diversity makes us stronger, more secure, and is the only way we’ll actually solve the cybersecurity skills shortage.”

ART members can also earn exclusive swag, linked to the points already earned by hacking via the Synack platform for ethical hackers. 

ART is for SRT members only. All SRT members can refer new members to the SRT who may also be interested in the ART. Your referrals that meet the SRT Referral Program criteria will earn you an extra 250 points on the platform! Please have potential candidates apply with this link. 

If you are already an SRT member and interested in joining ART, please submit a support ticket with a request to be added to the group’s private Slack channel (where members can communicate).

Female researcher with orange headphones

If you thought that was great, check out what some of our current #womenofthehunt have to say about the ART:

“Synack has always stood for and promoted women. The Artemis Red Team is another such initiative to include and empower more women in cybersecurity. I’m super happy about this announcement!! More power to you girls!”

“I’m very excited for everyone who will join us with this program. I’m sure that we will help each other and achieve great success together. Wait for us, leaderboard!”

“I’m really appreciative of this initiative. I can very well understand, being a woman, how difficult it feels to survive in this industry. And the constant pressure of proving to others, no matter how much useful work one has done. Thank you!”

Are you ready to join an awesome team of researchers like you? Use this link to apply!