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Synack adds Jira Security integration to level up DevSecOps

Greg Copeland
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Synack, the leader in Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), is proud to announce that we are now an integrated tool partner with Jira Security, empowering development teams to address security issues more effectively and earlier. 

Jira Security is a feature set of Jira Cloud that integrates organizations’ vulnerability management workflows into the Jira Cloud platform software development teams depend upon to plan, track, and manage their work. Synack’s security researchers proactively find exploitable vulnerabilities and offer remediation recommendations, helping software teams close security gaps before bad actors can exploit them. This partnership builds on Synack’s commitment to supporting DevSecOps by bringing security testing earlier in the software development life cycle (SDLC).  

DevSecOps, as defined by Gartner, is the integration of security into emerging agile IT and DevOps development as seamlessly and as transparently as possible. Ideally, this is done without reducing the agility or speed of developers or requiring them to leave their development toolchain environment.

Securing software is not easy. New technologies including AI are being introduced into the development process, each presenting new opportunities for attack, making it virtually impossible for teams to consider every potential security vulnerability when building software.  Powerful security tools have been developed to address this challenge and integrate security testing into the SDLC. These tools focus on different parts of the process, and enterprises use nine (or more) security tools on average. The result is that software teams have to sift through voluminous security data recorded in siloed tools, hampering development and resulting in missed vulnerabilities.    

Jira Security addresses this challenge by showing a list of vulnerabilities from connected security tools (including Synack). From this list, development teams can prioritize vulnerabilities, create issues to address them, and assign them to team members for resolution. This helps improve the development team’s security focus while continuing to follow their regular workload balance and rituals. It also reduces switching back and forth between Jira and security tools, because you don’t have to copy vulnerability details into your issues manually. With Security in Jira, teams have a centralized location to triage all the vulnerabilities spotted by Synack, as well as their other security tools, making it easy to rank, prioritize, assign and manage security remediation work by the development team.

Synack PTaaS testing results, viewable and actionable via Jira Security, go beyond basic security data such as CVEs or scans. Synack’s PTaaS platform combines automation with the human-led expertise of 1,500+ expert security researchers. Synack vulnerability reports tell not only what is exploitable, but also the details of how exploits are carried out and specific recommendations of how to close those security gaps. Based on these reports, issues can be created in Jira giving actionable guidance to the software development team to help them more quickly remediate vulnerabilities in their code. Furthermore, Synack patch verification is integrated into the Jira Security workflow to confirm remediation was successful.

Synack PTaaS, paired with the Jira Security feature set of Jira Cloud, form a critical component of a robust, agile and efficient DevSecOps process. The integrated solution is available at no additional cost to existing Synack and Jira Cloud subscribers. Please see Synack’s Jira Cloud marketplace listing to get the integration app today.

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