Synack Campaigns

On-Demand Security Talent For Targeted Objectives

Campaigns help you solve for the global cybersecurity talent shortage. This extension of the Synack Platform provides more flexible and seamless access to our skilled researchers for achieving targeted security objectives. Researchers are available 24/7 on-demand, allowing for augmentation of internal teams and completion of backlogged security tasks at any time or pace.

What are Campaigns and How Do They Work?

Synack Campaigns are a group of on-demand security tasks, Missions, to be performed by the Synack Red Team. Examples of Campaigns include checking for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, getting a hacker’s perspective on an asset, and checking for a specific CVE. Other Campaigns include compliance-driven testing, cloud configurations, and application security tests, among a growing list.

Execute a Campaign Within the Synack Platform On-Demand

Synack delivers on-demand security testing with actionable results, scaling security with the world’s most skilled ethical hackers & technology, through the Synack Platform. You can launch Campaigns through the portal to accomplish your security objectives at the push of a button.

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Campaigns Process

Accomplish Targeted Security Objectives

The following are a few solution sets that are addressed by Campaigns

Solution Set Results or Campaign Outcomes Synack Campaign Examples
Application Security Get actionable feedback on vulnerabilities that enables immediate remediation. Campaigns provide an adversarial perspective on a point-in-time cadence so customers can scale up testing and deploy on demand to meet their development cycles.
  • Microtests (Customer defined security tasks)
  • Hacker’s Perspective
  • API Tests
Compliance Demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards and security controls. The SRT complete Missions and provide documentation of their work, complete with reports and documentation suitable for compliance, audit, and regulatory needs.

Checklists that provide data for

  • NIST
  • PCI


  • WSTG
  • MSTG
  • ASVS
Vulnerability Management Achieve your vulnerability management needs by harnessing the SRT to identify and assess vulnerabilities. Check your remediation efficacy with patch-oriented Campaigns.
  • Data Exposure Check
  • Patch Verification
  • Patch Regression
  • Patch Circumvention
Zero Day Response Whether a vulnerability is older or more recently identified, you can direct researchers to the locations you need to test with Campaigns to check for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) that create exploitable weaknesses in your systems. Utilize the SRT to rapidly validate a vulnerability and flag exploitable assets for remediation.
  • CVE Check

The Synack Catalog

Request a demo for a walkthrough of the Synack Catalog and determine what Campaigns are right for you.

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A Complement to Testing

Campaigns offer specific ways to utilize the Synack Red Team (SRT) that can complement your penetration testing activities. Like Campaigns, Synack’s Crowdsourced Penetration Testing products utilize the elite expertise of the SRT to provide on-demand testing and end-to-end vulnerability management delivered through the Synack Platform. Synack’s testing products offer crowdsourced vulnerability discovery across a period of time, while still maintaining on-demand control for stopping and starting penetration testing. Get started with Crowdsourced Penetration Testing with Discover or Synack365.

Buying with Synack Credits

You can purchase Synack Campaigns with Synack credits, allowing you to consume Campaigns and perform on-demand testing at the pace that works for you.

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