Synack Stands

Synack Stands is our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging program. Our mission is to create a more inclusive workforce inside and outside the walls of Synack through recruiting diverse talent, educating our teams and sharing actionable resources with the cybersecurity community. We strive to support Black/Brown, Women, Veteran, and LGBTQIA+ communities that are underrepresented in tech. We tap into our valued Community Partnerships in order to foster far-reaching connections with individuals from varied races, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures.

Mentorship and Skills Training

Synack Academy is an internship program that provides firsthand experience in cybersecurity including mentorship, continuous learning courses, career planning skills and one-on-ones with Synack peers and leaders. Synack Academy provides a valuable bridge for those who are upskilling or reskilling into cybersecurity, from gaining knowledge and certifications to securing their first full time cybersecurity position. We’ve gone on to hire Academy interns from every cohort since its launch in 2021!

Veterans, Find Your Next Mission in Cybersecurity

The global cybersecurity industry needs dedicated, mission-driven individuals to take on new missions protecting citizens, schools, critical infrastructure and commerce from the increasing risks of cyberattacks. Veterans are a natural fit for this mission. The unique skills veterans gain in active duty often align with the skills needed now to serve on the cyber frontlines. Many of our valued Synackers are veterans, and we actively engage with our partners in the veteran community to elevate vet voices and connect former members of the military with new career opportunities. We invite you, too, to find your next mission in cybersecurity! We welcome you to take part in our veteran-focused activities such as Capture the Flag competitions or Twitter Spaces discussions.

Our Community Partnerships

We are grateful for our partnerships that enable our mission of creating a more inclusive workforce.

A nonprofit organization aimed at creating pathways for vets to find employment in the cybersecurity industry.

BIC’s mission is to elevate members of the Black community seeking to join the cybersecurity conversation.

Provides children, youth and adults with technology-driven education, information and skill development for sustained futures.