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Security testing protocols have lagged behind the digital transformation and this often leads to insufficient testing for a number of reasons. First, point-in-time pen tests are only snapshots/spot checks and don’t provide a comprehensive security assessment of dynamic environments. Second, while scanners do provide continuous testing, results are limited to known vulnerabilities and tests typically produce a lot of noise/false positives; making their results only marginally better than random guessing.

Synack365 solves these problems by providing around-the-clock penetration testing 365 days a year, and combining AI with human researchers for testing depth and accuracy. According to the 2019 Trust Report, companies that conduct security testing continuously have 43% higher Attacker Resistance Scores than those that test on a point-in-time basis. And Synack365 is offered as a subscription, which means it can be processed as an Operational (OPEX) expense instead of a Capital (CAPEX) one, which means a less stringent and cumbersome approval cycle.

How it Works

Synack’s Crowdsourced Security Testing Platform is the only solution to harness the best in augmented intelligence for more effective, efficient testing. Our researchers, the Synack Red Team, conduct targeted testing, while our intelligent vulnerability assessment, SmartScan, provides broad attack surface coverage.

The Synack Operations team triages findings, manages the entire process end-to-end to remove all operational burden from your team, and ensures the engagement is executed with precision to achieve your security objectives. These three entities (SRT, SmartScan, and Synack Operations) work together, 365 days a year 24/7 to proactively discover and help fix vulnerabilities. Actionable insights, analytics, and detailed vulnerability reports are available to you in real time through the Synack Client Portal

1. Kick-Off Call: You set the goals, scope, and rules of engagement. All SRT working on your engagement are vetted for skills and trust.

2. Test Launch: Synack deploys SmartScan and the SRT, which deploys Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures to creatively hunt for exploitable vulnerabilities.

3. Researcher Missions: Customers can direct the SRT to systematically conduct rigorous security checks, called Missions, across the assets in scope. These checks test compliance and/or verify all CVEs discovered by SmartScan.

4. Continuous Synack Triage: The Synack Operations team continually triages findings, removes noise and false-positives, and gives you detailed vulnerability reports and insights.

5. Real-Time Reporting: Detailed steps provided by the SRT enable efficient remediation of vulnerabilities.

6. Quarterly Business Reviews: Synack Operations provides a quarterly formal outbrief to key stakeholders. This includes a downloadable human-written, audit-ready report with all vulnerability details and an impact summary.

What’s Different About Synack?

  • Synack delivers the value of a comprehensive pen test with the rigor of an incentive-driven crowdsourcing model and the scale of a scanner, all in a single platform.
  • Unlike other crowdsourced methods, Synack offers unmatched quality and controls by combining a stable and secure researcher platform, which delivers secure guidance, with the visibility of an intuitive and information-rich customer portal, which gives real-time status and details of all researcher activities and vulnerabilities.

Synack365 Core Features:

Synack365 Crowdsourced Continuous Penetration Testing includes all of the benefits of Synack Certify, including:

Incentive-Driven Vulnerability Discovery — Researchers are monetarily awarded for the vulnerabilities they find instead of using a traditional time and materials approach.

SmartScan — The platform provides AI-driven continuous scanning 24/7.

LaunchPoint — Synack's secure endpoint control and proprietary gateway capture all test traffic data and deliver a private, yet transparent experience.

Patch Verification — Synack researchers re-test to verify that the patch is effective.

Disclose — We provide a Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

Attacker Resistance Score (ARS) — A realistic assessment of your risk is provided for your web assets.

APIs and Integrations — Synack offers integrations with ServiceNow, Splunk, and Jira.

Client Portal — Detailed vulnerability reports and insights are available in the Client Portal and patch verifications can be requested there as well.

Vulnerability Triage — The Synack Operations team reproduces, validates, and prioritizes vulnerabilities to make sure your signal-noise ratio is as high as possible.

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