Managed Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Adopt a managed VDP – a critical component to strategic security testing

Synack’s managed VDP

U.S. government agencies are required to offer a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) that provides a path for members of the public to alert an agency to cybersecurity vulnerabilities, in line with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Binding Operational Directive 20-01. Synack’s managed VDP provides a white-glove option for responsible disclosure, running point for government agency teams by handling vulnerability triage with remediation guidance, coordinating researcher recognition and providing data to support CISA reporting, all backed by the premier security testing services available on the Synack Platform.

Activated by a vetted community of security researchers, the Synack Platform brings together 4 critical elements of testing

Penetration testing

Transform your pentesting program with fast and flexible deployment options, vulnerability management and access to a community of elite security talent.

Vulnerability management

Read comprehensive summaries of exploitable vulnerability findings, communicate with researchers and request patch verification, all through convenient workflows.

API security testing

According to Gartner, 90% of web applications now have a larger attack surface exposed via APIs than through the user interface. API protection is a critical piece of the attack surface that requires offensive penetration testing.

Managed VDP

Offensive teams know that receiving vulnerabilities from public researchers requires thoughtful analysis, implementation and management. Expert security skills are a critical part of running a successful VDP, and you need a trusted partner that can give you the best advice.


Why are VDPs important?

VDPs provide government agencies a safe and legal means to be notified by outside parties of vulnerabilities on externally facing infrastructure. A VDP allows agencies to validate the applicability and severity of vulnerabilities reported in good faith.


Why managed VDPs make a difference

  • Defined process for tracking vulnerabilities from identification to remediation
  • Less noise and more focused prioritization of critical vulnerabilities
  • Defined responsible disclosure program
  • Data points provided to support reporting to CISA
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