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Democracy Live & Synack

Democracy Live teamed up with Synack to provide states and localities with the most secure and reliable platform for remote, accessible balloting technology. Synack offers a trusted and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity testing by combining the talents of 1,500 elite security researchers with smart technology. This partnership means that every aspect of the Democracy Live cloud and tablet-based platform undergoes rigorous and thorough testing.
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"Any voting technology needs thorough and regular testing. This means that systems are vetted by independent and skilled researchers so that problems are found and fixed before the public begins using any type of election equipment,"

Synack's Election Security Projects

  Pentesting the Colorado Secretary of State’s website, the state’s voter registration database and other election infrastructure
Selected by the nation’s leading voting systems manufacturer to test a new electronic poll book via Synack’s crowdsourced penetration testing platform
Partnering with a leading nonprofit organization to evaluate various open source, end-to-end verifiable voting systems designed for digital absentee voting

How Crowdsourced Security Testing Works



Trusted Crowd of Security Researchers

Our rigorous, five-step vetting process accepts only the most talented and trusted of security researchers. FVEY & SF-85P cleared researcher groups are available.


Secure Platform

Researchers must connect through Synack's secure gateway where we track activity & movement.


Managed Testing

Client scopes digital assets for testing and sets rules. Researchers test & report through the platform.

Real-time Results

All vulnerabilities are triaged and prioritized. Findings are shared in real time and researchers work with security teams to remediate rapidly.

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