Achieving Compliance With On-demand Security Expertise

Synack reduces the time it takes for you to achieve compliance goals from months to hours or days. We provide on-demand checks for OWASP and NIST security risks, test results within 24 hours, audit-ready reports, and other methods depending on the specific need and framework requirement.

Synack takes an on-demand, agile crowdsourced approach to our penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, assuring that organizations receive the benefit of a diverse set of skills and high-quality findings from a highly-vetted community of ethical hackers. Testing with Synack doesn’t just help you meet compliance; it assures you achieve a true adversarial perspective and move the needle on your security posture.

Synack can provide compliance checks for OWASP Top 10, ASVS, WSTG, MSTC, and NIST 800-53 through our agile, on-demand Catalog of Campaigns, powered by the SRT.

Security Solutions Across Industries and Frameworks

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Synack tests are based on these guidelines used across many industries to enforce information security.



Synack can provide for the testing requirements detailed in the HIPAA compliance framework.


Financial Services, eCommerce and Retail

Synack tests meet the DSS 11.3 portion of this framework for keeping payment card data secure from attackers.


Federal and State Government

Synack testing can help solve for NIST 800-53 security controls used in FISMA (and some local) government processes and transactions.


Going Beyond Compliance

Compliance tests often provide checks in boxes, but do not necessarily provide your organization with the most comprehensive and continuous assessment of your security posture.

Synack is able to provide year-round, on-demand access to the world’s most comprehensive security testing and vulnerability management through a SaaS offering. By implementing these offerings, you can more accurately assess your security posture through the Attacker Resistance Score (ARS) and Synack’s detailed, audit-ready reporting capabilities. Visit the Trust Report to learn more about benchmarking security with ARS, or visit our products pages to learn more about the Synack integrated platform and its capabilities.

Meeting Compliance With Synack Products

Discover and Synack365

Many regulatory frameworks, including HIPAA, require a security assessment. Discover and Synack365 meet this requirement as a comprehensive test incorporating Crowdsourced Vulnerability Discovery, incentive-driven testing conducted by a diverse community of highly-vetted researchers. Synack365 not only incorporates a diverse community with a range of tools, skills, and backgrounds, but also augments them with smart scanning technology to maintain a continuous strong security posture.

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Campaigns can be used to demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards and security controls by utilizing the SRT to complete specific tasks and provide documentation of their work. Campaigns include a report with documentation and data suitable for NIST, PCI, and OWASP (WSTG, MSTG, ASVS).

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