The Synack Red Team: Security Talent for the Enterprise

Proactively Enhancing your Security Capabilities with Quality, not Quantity

The Synack Red Team (SRT) is a private network of highly-curated and vetted security researchers who deliver ongoing exploitation discovery and management.

The SRT works with unprecedented velocity to provide actionable intelligence to the enterprise, so that internal security teams can proactively prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities before they become business problems.

The Onboarding Process

Video Interview
Skill Assessment
3rd Party ID Verification & Background Checks
Active Performance Management

Steal a Page Out of The Attacker’s Playbook

The Synack Red Team is made up of the most sought-after security researchers from across the globe to give your enterprise an unparalleled adversarial perspective.

  • Unparalleled diversity in perspectives applied through the latest hacker tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Deep specialization in host-based infrastructure, mobile apps, web apps, and IoT devices
  • Experience with specific languages and operating systems

Interested in Giving Synack a Try?

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Crowdsource Your Security
Testing the Smart Way

Synack is the leader in smart crowdsourced security testing: One comprehensive platform includes vulnerability scanning, vetted red-teaming, bug bounty incentives, risk scoring analytics, insightful reports to ease remediation and compliance checks. Reduce your cyber risk with Synack as part of your security team.


"I haven’t seen change in the security industry until Synack."
—Ethan Steiger, VP & CISO, Domino’s


Transform and simplify your security operations with intelligent platform technology and the world’s most elite crowd of ethical hackers.


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Managed Responsible Disclosure
Receive triaged vulnerability reports from outside researchers. Thorough and managed service. MRD is your open handshake for ethical hackers.

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Vulnerability Discovery

Private two-week tests. Stringent vetting. Customer controls. Triaged vulnerabilities. Testing metrics. Patch verification. Get a better bug bounty. CVD finds severe security vulnerabilities and weakness patterns left undetected by other methods.

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Penetration Testing

CVD plus compliance checklists and Attacker Resistance security score. Get a better pen test. CPT delivers premium vulnerability discovery with required documentation for compliance.

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Continuous Testing

CVD and CPT all-year round plus: 24/7 Protection. Real risk reduction. Integrate security and development teams seamlessly. CCT moves testing from an intermittent cadence to an agile flow, matching your DevOps journey.

What We Protect

Fotune 500 Protected

Protecting Leading F500 and G2000 enterprises, 1/3 of America's Largest Banks, 75% of Major Credit Card Companies, 1/3 of Most Powerful Retail Brands, and more


Protecting DoD Critical Systems, Majority of US Cabinet Agencies, and every US taxpayer (via IRS)

Department of Defense

Synack is the #1 choice of major security companies

Our Results Speak for Themselves

>95% signal-to-noise ratio in valid vulnerabilities sent to our clients

We believe in doing all the work behind the scenes and making you the hero. Managed Bug Bounties: Quality is in the Secret Sauce >

There is always work to be done, testing to measure, and adjustments to make. The adversary is always evolving, evolve with it. A Security Score Built for Attacker Resistance >

Synack customers increasingly improve upon their systems’ resistance to attack

Our customers avoid becoming security news

We partner with you on a journey to security without compromise and help you stand strong against breaches. Hacker-Powered Security without Compromise >