1. Synack and Coalfire compliance
    Analyst Report Whitepapers & Guides
    Synack PCI DSS Penetration Testing Technical White Paper
    In this paper, Coalfire will describe that Synack can meet the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) v3.2 penetration testing requirements
  2. Crowdsourced Report - Government Edition
    Whitepapers & Guides
    Crowdsourced Security: Government Edition
    Intended for the decision-makers who want to break through the noise and the confusion in order to choose the best way to harness ethical hackers for their organization’s needs.
  3. Crowdsourced Security Congressional Briefing
    Whitepapers & Guides
    Crowdsourced Security Congressional Briefing
    This case study explores why the US Cyber Command, Domino’s and the US Congress are investing in crowdsourced security as a way to bolster their defenses.
  4. Whitepapers & Guides
    Guide to Crowdsourced Security Testing
    Deciding between a pen test and a bug bounty program? An intelligence-driven crowdsourced solution could give you the best of both worlds.
  5. Datasheet
    Synack Strategic Partner – HPE
  6. Analyst Report
    TAG Report: How to Modernize Cyber Risk Programs
    Cyber security visionaries share tips on how to modernize cyber risk programs in the 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual.
  7. Video
    TAG Cyber Interview: The Future of Penetration Testing
    Synack Co-Founder & CEO Jay Kaplan talks to Ed Amoroso, CEO & Founder of TAG Cyber, about the past, present, and future of Synack.
  8. Datasheet
    Coverage Analytics
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