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See a short demo of our platform that gets to the point without wasting your time.

See a short demo of our platform that gets to the point without wasting your time.

Synack Platform

Offensive Security Testing That
Has You Covered

Overview of Synack Platform

Expect a strategic approach to pentesting that provides full control and visibility, reveals patterns and deficiencies in your security program, enables organizations to improve overall security posture, and provides executive level reporting for the leadership and the board of directors.

A Guide to Strategic Security Testing

Benefits of the Synack Platform

Continuous Testing to Reduce Risk Over Time

Vulnerabilities across the attack surface can emerge at any time. Test daily, not once a year, to improve your posture over time.

Discover Root Causes of Vulnerabilities

See security trends across vulnerabilities, identify root causes and materially improve your security posture.

Fast and Efficient Pentesting

Launch tests in days, not weeks, with on-demand testing and activation of the Synack Red Team.

Easy Collaboration Across Teams

Synack allows for workplace collaboration with customizable reporting, integrations and role-based access controls.

Total Visibility

Get a clear view of vulnerabilities, testing traffic, remediation status and detailed reports for proof-of-work.

Reduce False Positives

A dedicated team of humans vet vulnerability submissions to ensure that you only see exploitable vulnerabilities and prevent noise like duplicate submissions.

The 5 Pillars of the Synack Platform

Vulnerability Management

Read comprehensive summaries of exploitable vulnerability findings, communicate with researchers, and request patch verification all through convenient workflows.
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Reporting & Analytics

Custom reports that outline vulnerability findings, proof-of-work and patch efficacy that can accommodate executive audiences and compliance auditors. A powerful metric, the Attack Resistance Score, conveys asset-level risk and changes to your security posture over time.
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API & Integrations

Integrating Synack into other security workflows improves responsiveness, triage and remediation of vulnerabilities. Share data and verify security posture across our integrations with Microsoft, Splunk, Jira, and ServiceNow.
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Operations & Support

In addition to customer support teams, Synack’s vulnerability operations team ensures that only verified, exploitable vulnerability findings are presented to you, reducing false positives and noise.
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1500 Researchers

Managed Community Access

Synack manages a community of security researchers with patented technology. Synack controls and oversees all researcher and scanner traffic to ensure proper coverage of assets. Additionally, Synack provides full transparency into the domains and IPs tested by the Synack Red Team. We go beyond bug bounty models by handling payments, performing rigorous background checks and index researcher skills, so you don’t have to.
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Additional Synack Products


Transform your pentesting program with fast and flexible deployment options, vulnerability management, and access to a community of elite security talent.

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On-Demand Security Tasks

Check for zero days, run compliance checklists and achieve other targeted security objectives through a self-service catalog of security tasks.

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API Security Testing

Pentest your API endpoints and receive detailed reports on testing methodologies and coverage.

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