Penetration Testing

Flexible Pentesting that Scales

One Platform for All Your Pentesting Needs


Synack offers continuous and standard penetration testing for your applications, networks, APIs and cloud assets. Synack’s platform provides a better way to pentest to help you find and fix vulnerabilities and confirm remediation efforts across your external and internal attack surface.


Fast and Flexible Deployment

Choose a pentest that fits your security testing needs and launches in days, not weeks.

Vulnerability Management

Help your team remediate faster with immediate visibility into exploitable vulnerabilities with patch verification.

Community of Elite Talent

Imagine having 50 pentesters with diverse skills looking at your assets instead of just two. We host a community of 1,500+ of the most talented security researchers.

Continuous Pentesting


Pentesting that integrates into your development cycle

As companies move to an agile model for software development, the release of new features or products becomes more frequent. Synack tests at multiple stages of development and assists developer and QA teams with quick remediation through real-time reporting and patch verification.


Continuous coverage of cloud instances

Dynamic and ephemeral cloud assets fall out of compliance or become susceptible to attacks after a single update. Cloud assets that store sensitive data need continuous testing. Synack has integrations with AWS, Azure and GCP that enable detection of changes and new IPs.

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Standard Pentesting


Pentesting for compliance

Compliance frameworks like PCI DSS 11.3 require frequent pentesting to keep up with significant infrastructure or application changes. Synack’s audit-ready reports include information on the scope of the test, severity and status of vulnerabilities discovered, and remediation stage.


Mergers, acquisitions and due diligence

Exploitable vulnerabilities in IT networks or assets become a serious threat after an acquisition or merger. Conducting due diligence through rigorous pentesting helps establish a risk profile and identifies critical vulnerabilities.

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