Check our new demo series, Cut to the Chase!

See a short demo of our platform that gets to the point without wasting your time.

See a short demo of our platform that gets to the point without wasting your time.

Synack Platform Demos

On-demand Security Talent and Testing

The Synack Platform combines human creativity with smart technology to provide a better way to pentest and help you achieve your security objectives.

A Better Way to Pentest - The Platform In Action

Watch a high-level walkthrough showcasing how the Synack Platform enables a better way to pentest through continuous, real time results.

What Makes Up The Synack Platform

SRT World Map

The Synack Red Team (SRT)

The Synack Red Team is a global community of elite ethical hacking talent, available on-demand through the Synack Platform. With their diverse skill set, they provide talent augmentation and help you bridge the global talent crisis.
Bridging The Talent Gap

Efficient Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

Quickly assess exploitable vulnerabilities, findings request patch verification, and communicate directly with researchers on findings through convenient workflows.

Reporting and Compliance Features

Quickly view and export stats like remediation timelines, patch efficacy and vulnerability checklists results. Flexible report generation provides proof-of-work for executive audiences and compliance auditors, great for frameworks like PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 and FISMA.

On-Demand Security Testing Catalog

Through the Synack Catalog, you can ask researchers to check for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, respond to zero days like log4j, perform targeted cloud testing and more.


SmartScan is Synack’s automated scanning technology used to complement and augment the human element brought by the Synack Red Team. SmartScan reduces noise from of incoming vulnerabilities to only show suspected vulnerabilities to the SRT Drives DevSecOps efficiency via continuous integration with APIs & CI/CD tools (JIRA, ServiceNow, and Splunk).

Control and Assurance with LaunchPoint VPN

When testing with Synack, all researcher traffic goes through Synack’s VPN LaunchPoint to provide control and assurance around pentesting. LaunchPoint
  • Focuses penetration testing traffic through one source
  • Pauses or stops testing at the push of a button
  • Provides complete visibility into researcher testing activity
  • Time-stamps traffic for auditing purposes
  • Allows for data cleansing and deletion of customer data


To make Synack’s integration into your development process seamless, Synack’s portal supports integrations with DevOps tools like Jira, Splunk, Kenna, Netsparker and ServiceNow.