Synack is enabling organizations to bridge the cybersecurity talent gap with the premiere on-demand security testing platform. The Synack Platform facilitates high-performance and continuous penetration testing, provides end-to-end vulnerability management, and allows organizations to leverage top talent for a range of security objectives.

Engage with the Premier On-Demand
Security Testing Platform

The following products are available from Synack to help you bridge the cybersecurity talent gap, overcome your organization’s capacity and capability limitations, perform penetration testing and achieve targeted security objectives on-demand.


Synack365 provides continuous coverage on your most valuable web, mobile, and host/infrastructure assets by combining SmartScan with the Synack Red Team’s 24/7 targeted testing. Learn More


Certify Penetration Testing, a two-week pentest engagement, harnesses the very best of human and machine intelligence, with compliance checklists, to deliver both real security and compliance in a two-week test period. Learn More


Discover deploys security researchers on an incentive-driven hunt for vulnerabilities across your environment. The unstructured testing methodology of Discover mimics actual attack attempts that adversaries use to exploit vulnerabilities.Learn More


Campaigns are on-demand security tasks that can be launched within the Synack Platform. They provide more flexible and seamless access to our skilled researchers for achieving targeted security objectives. Researchers are available 24/7 on-demand, allowing for augmentation of internal teams and completion of backlogged security tasks at any time or pace.Learn More

The Synack Platform Features and Advantages

The Synack Platform

The Synack Platform is built for flexibility, control, ease of use and effective reporting. Activate the Synack Red Team for penetration testing and on-demand security tasks, perform end-to-end vulnerability management and see relevant reporting metrics all in one place.

SmartScan: Intelligent Automation and Noise Filtering

SmartScan is Synack’s automated scanning technology used to complement and augment the human element brought by the Synack Red Team.

  • Reduces noise from of incoming vulnerabilities to only show suspected vulnerabilities to the SRT
  • Drives DevSecOps efficiency via continuous integration with APIs & CI/CD tools (JIRA, ServiceNow, and Splunk)

Control and Assurance with LaunchPoint VPN

When testing with Synack, all SRT traffic goes through Synack’s VPN LaunchPoint to provide control and assurance around penetration testing traffic. LaunchPoint provides the following benefits:

  • Focuses penetration testing traffic through one source
  • Pauses or stops testing at the push of a button
  • Provides complete visibility into the researcher’s testing activity with full packet capture
  • Time-stamps traffic for auditing purposes
  • Allows for data cleansing and deletion of customer data by Synack

Reporting Capabilities

The Synack Platform provides for extensive reporting capabilities on statistics like severity of findings, time to patch vulnerabilities, vulnerability remediation effectiveness, and more.

The Attacker Resistance Score (ARS) provides your organization with a realistic assessment of security posture. This enables organizations to baseline their assets and track improvement over time.

The ARS is contextualized in our Trust Report, where we analyze ARS and vulnerability management trends across industries and past years.