Securing the Organization Begins With Synack Due Diligence

For organizations with extensive digital portfolios or supply chains, securing the organization’s assets begins with due diligence.

There are many moving parts and high costs during a merger and acquisition (M&A) or new supplier partnership. Security shouldn’t slow down the process, and it shouldn’t be what adds costs. In Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo! in 2017, purchase price was reduced by $350M, with an additional $115M in penalties paid because of a lack of due diligence*.


Advantages Synack Provides for M&A


Keep M&A deals on schedule by expediting your security review with Synack. Start assessment in as little as 24hrs, assess multiple assets on demand, and receive actionable results and white glove service.

Top, Trusted Talent to Help

All Synack Red Team (SRT) members are vetted for both skill and trust and are motivated to test rigorously via our incentive-driven model. Test discreetly but robustly during M&A activities with crowdsourced penetration testing.

Real-Time Analytics

Through the Synack Customer Portal, see security testing status, findings, KPIs, scores, and progress in real-time across your portfolio of assets.

Full Service and Support in Vulnerability Management

Synack Operations triages vulnerabilities submitted by Synack’s testers to reduce operational burden on security teams. Additionally, features like patch verification and reporting within the Synack Platform help you achieve efficient end-to-end vulnerability management.

Trust & Control

Customers have full visibility into and control over all testing activities. All traffic goes through Synack’s secure VPN, LaunchPoint®, and testing traffic can be stopped at the push of a button if need be.

Audit-Ready Reports

Download comprehensive reports with all results and human-written analysis on key security takeaways on demand.

An Acquiree’s Security Weakness Can Threaten Your Organization

When an acquiree has an undiscovered vulnerability in their ecosystem, that vulnerability can later become a threat to the larger ecosystem after the deal is completed. If that vulnerability is then exploited, there may be damages at a considerable scale to the merged company.

This exemplifies the importance of due diligence in the context of M&A. Don’t let unchecked security issues during an M&A deal compromise the future ecosystem of the organization.

Post-Merger Security With Synack

After a successful M&A deal, Synack can continue to provide crowdsourced security expertise, testing and vulnerability management through our SaaS platform.

Synack is able to provide year-round, on-demand access to the world’s most comprehensive security testing and vulnerability management through a SaaS offering. By implementing these offerings, you can more accurately assess your security posture through the Attacker Resistance Score (ARS) and Synack’s detailed, audit-ready reporting capabilities. Visit the Trust Report to learn more about benchmarking security with ARS, or visit our products pages to learn more about the Synack integrated platform and its capabilities.

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