22 May 2020

Synack Veterans Community Continues to Grow

Andre Gerard

In honor of Memorial Day, we’d like to take this moment to thank the men and women who have served their nation in the military. Here at Synack, we continue to tap the capable talent pool of military veterans with transferable skills and expertise for the Synack Red Team and employee base. Roughly 10% of Synack’s workforce has served in the military and we’d like to thank them for their service. Synack also provides a support structure for veteran applicants to acquire new employment opportunities and continue their careers dedicated to defense and security. Let’s applaud our nation’s heroes and veterans sharing the value they bring to our community and crowdsourced security platform. 

Since the program launch on Veterans Day 2018, the Synack Red Team Veterans community has grown over 780%, comprised of active duty, reservists and veterans from multiple branches of the armed forces.

Mission-critical security takes the same creativity, precision, and discipline as mission-critical military operations, which is why we need more military veterans in the field of cybersecurity. Since Synack’s Veterans Cyber Program inception in November 2018, we have grown our veteran numbers over 780%, with a 29% increase in 2020 to date. Synack also provides a program for military spouses that provides opportunities to engage in crowdsourced security testing.

Synack Veterans Impact 

Thanks to our veterans, Synack has helped to guard and protect:

In addition to impact, there is so much value Synack brings to veterans. Not only is it a great camaraderie of colleagues with a similar background, at Synack you’ll find a community focused on national security, similar to their military time. As well as:

  • Advocates within Synack who can help with transitioning questions and assist with asks regarding current/future obligatory military service.
  • Synack provides a flexible top quality platform for veteran researchers to earn money.
  • Our training platform involves live targets and helps sharpen skills.
  • The Synack community helps foster connections through dedicated veteran’s networking initiatives, recruiting events with Synack military veterans leading the way.
  • We help provide an outlet for veterans to continue to serve and remain connected to the mission.

By raising the bar for security, our veterans have helped Synack establish crowdsourced security as a best practice, as recognized by  DoD, the White House, Senate, and by Gartner

We salute our veterans. Happy Memorial Day!