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02 September 2021

Our Cyber Heroes: Announcing the 2020-21 Top Hackers on the Synack Acropolis

Ryan Rutan

Back in July 2021, the Synack Red Team ushered in the close of the 2020-21 Synack Recognition period.  This wildly popular program is a set of goals given to all researchers from July 1st to June 30th, every year, helping them understand what success looks like on the Synack platform. In exchange for researchers hitting their goals, they are awarded limited-edition prizes for their engagement. For SRT that opt-in, their accomplishments are put on display for the world to see on the Synack Acropolis.


SRT Legends Program

This year’s recognition program featured the launch of a new lifetime achievement component called SRT Legends. To qualify for the SRT Legends program, researchers must earn lifetime distinction across at least 1 of 5 criteria designed to test a researcher’s skill and adaptability, while quantifying their impact in the cybersecurity industry at large.  

This program includes the following criteria as measured exclusively on the Synack platform:

  • # of Unique Targets with Accepted Findings > 250
  • # of Unique Companies with Accepted Findings > 100 
  • # of Accepted Vulnerabilities > 1500
  • # of Accepted Critical Vulnerabilities (CVSS 9.0+) > 250
  • $1 Million or more in lifetime earnings on the platform

As researchers ascend to the heights of an SRT Legend, the mark they leave on the world around them becomes ever more clear. Their exceptional commitment helps us all be more safe and secure, making them truly legendary hackers!

Announcing the inaugural 2021 class of publicly recognized SRT Legends:



2020-21 Recognition Winners

It is with great honor, pride, and respect that Synack announces the following top award winners for this year’s recognition program:  



In addition, the following researchers have earned distinguished recognition for their dedication and commitment to excellence this past year:















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Many of the researchers listed above will be enjoying special opportunities on the platform over the next year, as well as dawning their much beloved, limited-edition SRT hoodies (above) in the coming months, or kicking back in a well-deserved #HackerThrone! The 2021-22 Synack Recognition Program is already underway with new prizes and recognition opportunities already on the horizon. Who will rise to the top and claim next year’s coveted top spots? Who knows … it could be you! — Take your first steps and apply to the Synack Red Team today, or reach out to @SynackRedTeam or @ryanrutan on Twitter.