23 April 2020

A Day in the Life of an Ethical Hacker

Michele Novick

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend your day hunting vulnerabilities and defending the world against Black Hat hackers? 

Not all hackers are inherently bad. Hackers get a bad wrap from the mainstream media and movies. The word, “hacker,” is often used in relation to cyber criminals, but a hacker can be anyone, regardless of their intentions, who utilizes their knowledge of computer software and hardware to break down and bypass security measures on a computer, device or network. 

At Synack, our Red Team members are White Hat hackers who choose to use their powers for good rather than evil. Also known as “ethical hackers,” these white hat hackers are the power behind the Synack platform. They are an elite team of the world’s top cybersecurity researchers – drawn from over 60 countries, recruited for their skills and chosen based on trust. These ethical hackers are increasingly being recognised as an important way for businesses to unearth security weaknesses before they can be exploited by online criminals.

In addition to doing good for businesses, they support their communities in ways varying from advocating for women in technology to volunteering at security workshops at colleges, universities, and have even founded global security conferences. 

They are the true heroes of the cybersecurity world – securing companies from unseen vulnerabilities, hardening attack surfaces, and through Synack, protecting global banks, federal agencies, DoD classified assets and close to $1 trillion in Fortune 500 revenue.

In this podcast-style series, “A Day in the Life of an Ethical Hacker”, we’ll aim to humanize the men and women of the Synack Red Team. They’ll discuss:

  • How they started their ethical hacker journeys.
  • Why they chose Synack.
  • What a typical day looks like.
  • How they interact with each other and what motivates them.
  • What information is critical to successful testing.
  • Processes used when a new target comes online.
  • Why you should be using ethical hackers.
  • And much much more.


In our first session, Thys Harrison, Synack EMEA Sales Development team lead interviews Synack Red Team Member Özgür Alp. Özgür is an experienced offensive cyber security specialist, lecturer and instructor. In his first job as a consultant at Deloitte Turkey, he participated as technical lead and second level customer relations management responsible for the cyber security operations team. During this time he was involved with 200+ different on-field and remote security projects for multinational and domestic companies in various industries. After his time at Deloitte, Özgür began working independently as a bug bounty hunter & on-demand offensive security consultant and has reported over 1000 critical, high, and medium level vulnerabilities. Correspondingly, Özgür has started giving lectures part-time at two prestigious universities in Istanbul on the subjects of Introduction to Cyber Security and Web Application Hacking.” He has been working with Synack for 3 years.

Tune in weekly for new podcasts.

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