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See a short demo of our platform that gets to the point without wasting your time.

Cloud Security Testing

Penetration Testing in Cloud Environments

Why Pentest Cloud Assets

Digital transformation has introduced new security and compliance risks for organizations. The dynamic and ephemeral nature of many cloud assets means they could quickly fall out of compliance, or become susceptible to an attack after a single update as malicious hackers are targeting externally exposed cloud services everyday.

Benefits of Cloud Testing With Synack

Human Testing +
Vulnerability Scanning

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Synack’s approach combines an elite community of security researchers and automated vulnerability scanning to make sure that no vulnerability that matters is left undetected in your cloud environment.

An Incentive
Driven Model

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Researchers are monetarily awarded for the vulnerabilities they find instead of traditional time and materials.

Continuous Coverage of Cloud Instances

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Synack has integrations with all major cloud providers, which means we can detect changes and test new IPs for risks 24/7/365 unlike static traditional pentesters.

The Synack Continuous Security Testing
Platform Is Built For the Cloud

The Synack Platform combines elite talent and technology, providing 24/7, on-demand access to a highly vetted group of security researchers from around the world for continuous penetration testing and targeted security objectives.
1500 Researchers

Security Researchers with
Cloud Testing Expertise

A community of 1,500 security researchers from around the world with specialized skills and experience in testing public and private cloud environments.

Cloud Integrations & Dynamic Cloud Asset Inventory

Synack provides out of the box integrations with most major public cloud providers, including: GCP, Azure, and AWS. These integrations enable the SRT to test cloud assets that are up-to-date. When an IP is added or removed, it is immediately known to the SRT for scanning and security testing.

Auditable Cloud Testing Activity

Synack will not only tell you how many vulnerabilities we found, we will also be able to demonstrate testing efforts. You can see how many researchers tested, for how many hours, and which vulnerabilities were found on each endpoint.

Synack + Microsoft Security Partnership

Synack has partnered with Microsoft Azure to develop specialized testing for the cloud. Integrations with Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Microsoft Azure DevOps can synchronize exploitable vulnerability data for convenient vulnerability management workflows.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

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Our integration with Azure DevOps increases collaboration between teams, improves speed of remediation and the effectiveness of incident response.

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Microsoft Sentinel

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Synack’s direct integration to Microsoft Sentinel helps shorten remediation and resolution times even further.

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud

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Synack’s integration with Microsoft Defender for Cloud, provides penetration testing results automatically to your Microsoft Defender for Cloud custom workbook.

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