The Synack Red Team: Security Talent for the Enterprise

Proactively Enhancing your Security Capabilities with Quality, not Quantity

The Synack Red Team (SRT) is a private network of highly-curated and vetted security researchers who deliver ongoing exploitation discovery and management.

The SRT works with unprecedented velocity to provide actionable intelligence to the enterprise, so that internal security teams can proactively prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities before they become business problems.

The Onboarding Process

Video Interview
Skill Assessment
3rd Party ID Verification & Background Checks
Active Performance Management

Steal a Page Out of The Attacker’s Playbook

The Synack Red Team is made up of the most sought-after security researchers from across the globe to give your enterprise an unparalleled adversarial perspective.

  • Unparalleled diversity in perspectives applied through the latest hacker tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Deep specialization in host-based infrastructure, mobile apps, web apps, and IoT devices
  • Experience with specific languages and operating systems

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The Synack Solution
Keeping You One Step Ahead of the Adversary

Platform is our Vehicle, Researchers are our Engine

  1. Synack Red Team + Hydra Technology

    Hydra technology enables the Synack Red Team to continuously discover vulnerabilities efficiently and effectively
  2. LaunchPoint

    All Synack Red Team testing activity is routed through our secure gateway technology, providing our clients with full transparency and control
  3. Customer Assets

    Synack tests each customer asset on a continuous basis and provides real-time testing coverage results and analytics

Man Meets Machine

The complexity of the modern enterprise creates increasing points of exploitation. We find them first.

Our solution combines the human ingenuity of the Synack Red Team with the scalability of Hydra, our advanced vulnerability intelligence platform, to continuously discover exploitable vulnerabilities across client’s mobile applications, web applications, and host-based infrastructure. Synack takes an adversarial approach to exploitation intelligence to show the enterprise where their most business-critical vulnerabilities are and how they can be used against it. This intelligence empowers resources across the SDLC to apply security best practices specific to your organization.

What We Do for the Enterprise

Scale Your Team

Harness the power of a private, global network of the industry’s most sought-after security talent to diversify your team’s scope and scalability for security testing.

Evaluate Risk Efficiently

Understand where a vulnerability is and the impact it can have on your organization, to more efficiently assess risk and prioritize remediation. Synack researchers also assist with remediation by validating that a vulnerability is in fact closed, creating a feedback loop unparalleled by point-in-time assessments.

Analytics and Trends

Our real-time analytics provide you with vulnerability trends across all your assets. This coverage can help you spot systemic problems and understand where you can improve your security practices throughout the SDLC.

Secure Your Assets

Get a dynamic and holistic overview of your ever-evolving attack surface. Fueled by Hydra intelligence, the Synack Red Team works continuously to identify exploitable vulnerabilities across your internet-facing assets.

Who Can Benefit?

Information Security Leader

Strengthen the security of your assets by tapping into the highly-skilled talent pool of the Synack Red Team.

No more noise, and prioritized intelligence. Receive high-quality, human-generated and reviewed reports, with vulnerabilities prioritized by impact to your business.


Know where you are vulnerable and receive actionable, prioritized intelligence in order to proactively secure your internet-facing assets on an ongoing basis.

No more unfilled positions, circular hiring within your industry, or frustration with work that overburdens your security team. Tap into Synack’s scalable solution, consisting of our proprietary Hydra technology and the SRT’s highly-skilled talent pool.

Engineering Leader

Understand your attack surface and receive actionable intelligence that could create a foothold inside of your network.

Spend more time developing code because your security report contains a prioritized list of vulnerabilities validated by security experts.

Sleep better at night knowing your team's fixes to vulnerabilities have been checked and verified by security experts.

The Ultimate Hacker Toolkit

A Powerful Platform that Shows You What the Attacker Sees

The Synack Hydra Technology is an advanced vulnerability intelligence platform that together with the SRT, gives the enterprise an adversarial perspective of their digital assets. Hydra combines the power of a modern vulnerability scanner with the expertise and creativity found in individual hacker toolkits to provide actionable intelligence to the Synack Red Team (SRT) so that they can locate, confirm and report exploitable bugs with unprecedented efficiency and scale

The SRT receives real-time insights from Hydra into possible attack vectors to investigate and confirm exploitability. Acting as a closely integrated extension of internal security teams, the Hydra-enabled SRT delivers exploitation intelligence that reduces windows of exposure and provides comprehensive testing coverage across large, complex enterprise assets. At the same time, the enterprise benefits from Hydra's continuous network and application monitoring for changes and potential vulnerabilities.

Hydra Intelligence Applied

The Ultimate Synack Red Team Toolkit

Hydra alerts researchers of possible vulnerabilities, changes, or events. The intelligence immediately prompts the researcher to validate known vulnerabilities and investigate potential attack vectors, streamlining the reconnaisance phase of the testing process and ultimately eliminating windows of exposure at unprecedented rates.

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Continuous Perimeter Vigilance for the Enterprise

Hydra's continuous monitoring capabilities provide your internal team with a comprehensive and continuous situational awareness of your global perimeter. We monitor for changes and anomalies and make them immediately visible to your team.

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Benefits of Hydra

Built To Integrate With Human Beings

Hydra is purpose-built to produce intelligence that is immediately actionable by the SRT, making their discovery processes more efficient and targeted than ever before.

Actionable Intelligence, Not Information Overload

Hydra delivers contextualized, ongoing change detection, allowing researchers to immediately investigate potential security issues and determine which vulnerabilities are exploitable. No multipage reports or machine language translation that you have to sift through.

Continuous Perimeter Monitoring

As you digitize your business at an accelerated pace, maintain control and visibility of your internet-facing assets.

Save Time and Money

Hydra is hosted in the cloud, meaning no physical or virtual appliance to install, no software to deploy, and no infrastructure to acquire and maintain.

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