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See a short demo of our platform that gets to the point without wasting your time.

See a short demo of our platform that gets to the point without wasting your time.

The Synack Platform and Pricing

Flexible and Convenient Pricing with Synack Credits

To perform penetration testing and other security objectives with Synack, simply pay the Synack Platform fee and purchase the appropriate amount of Synack Credits for your testing needs. Unlike bug bounty programs, volume and severity of vulnerabilities found do not affect your cost.

What is a Synack Credit?

Synack Credits are a currency you can use to purchase Synack testing offerings, including pentesting engagements and other on-demand security tasks performed by the Synack Red Team, such as running vulnerability checklists, zero day response and API endpoint testing.

On-Demand Security Testing Catalog

Through the Synack Catalog, you can ask researchers to check for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, respond to zero days like log4j, perform targeted cloud testing and more.

How to Use Your Credits

Synack customers use their credits to create a custom, strategic security testing program to meet their unique security goals.

Benefits of Credits

Enabling flexible and agile security testing

On-demand access to host, cloud, API, web and mobile pentesting that can be launched as needed within the Synack Platform.

Flexibility in consuming Campaigns as needed during the contract period with Synack.

Minimize the amount of scoping needed up front; you can quickly adjust your priorities as new applications come online and updates are made.

Synack Credits Model

On-demand security solutions available as needed

Start Executing Your Security Objectives with Credits

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