Why Department of Defense Chose Synack Over Traditional Bug Bounty

When it came to securing their critical assets, the Department of Defense needed to launch a bug bounty – but not just any bug bounty. They needed a crowdsourced security platform with high quality insights, top security talent, and control and visibility at their fingertips.

Bug Bounty DARPA Quote

Why did DoD choose Synack? Synack’s Crowdsourced Security Platform offers a team of 1,000+ of the world’s most elite security researchers ready to test your applications and networks effectively and efficiently, with >30% higher ROI compared to other crowdsourced solutions.

Through the platform, you’ll get the scale and rigor of bug bounty, with the control and quality that’s unique to Synack. We’ve also built our own smart scanning engine and methodology-driven workflows to give you the best of bug bounty, penetration testing, and vulnerability scanning, all in a single, integrated platform.

DoD isn’t the only agency to choose Synack’s crowdsourced security platform over traditional bug bounty marketplaces. Synack protects every tax payer, top security companies, and the biggest banks and retailers. This represents over $4.5 trillion of F500 market value.