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See a short demo of our platform that gets to the point without wasting your time.

See a short demo of our platform that gets to the point without wasting your time.

Continuous Penetration Testing
for Public Sector Organizations

Scale Government Pentesting Programs Today

The push to migrate to the cloud is accelerating quickly, putting public sector security teams under intense pressure. Understanding an organization’s most critical vulnerabilities is necessary to prioritize and mitigate cyber risks but difficult to do with only automated systems or point-in-time testing. Synack finds exploitable vulnerabilities faster than traditional pentesting with our community of ethical researchers paired with smart technology. Synack empowers risk managers and cybersecurity teams to fortify the attack surface and achieve compliance for dedicated application security testing, enabling teams to pentest better for web and mobile applications, networks, APIs and cloud assets.

Finding the Vulnerabilities That Matter
Most to Public Sector Cybersecurity Teams

Federal Civilian

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Continuous, dedicated applications security testing for agencies, helping achieve zero trust compliance mandates in a FedRAMP Moderate In Process environment.

Defense & Intelligence Communities

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Scalable penetration testing programs that provide board-level insights and scores to drive initiatives and minimize risk.

State, Local, & Higher Education Organizations

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Pentesting programs that speed up remediation timelines from months to days or weeks through patch verification, RBAC, APIs and integrations.

Rising to the Challenge with Innovative
Solutions for the Public Sector

Government Agencies Deserve a Better Way To Pentest

Utilizing the same, point-in-time pentest year after year is no longer effective for public sector organizations. Government agencies are adopting modern, on-demand pentesting solutions with ethical researchers, combining human intelligence with sophisticated technology tools.
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Achieve Compliance, Move Toward Zero Trust with Dedicated Application Security Testing

With mandates moving government and higher education to a Zero Trust Model, where no user or system is automatically trusted, federal agencies are increasingly looking to dedicated application security testing to achieve ongoing compliance requirements.
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FedRAMP Moderate Designation Enables Agencies to Improve Security Posture

Continuous penetration testing is a vital offensive security practice for U.S. federal agencies to reduce vulnerabilities and cyber risk. FedRAMP empowers agencies seeking compliance with FISMA to procure SaaS-based cybersecurity tools more rapidly, increasing data security.
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Synack is proud to continue to build and expand penetration testing capabilities for a number of U.S. federal agencies, defense agencies, and state and local government organizations.

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Pentesting for Your
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