Crowdsourced Vulnerability Discovery & Penetration Testing for Government

Synack’s Hacker-Powered Security Intelligence solution provides government agencies with high-quality results and analytics on their security risks. Our realistic approach to penetration testing mimics the adversary to find and help fix vulnerabilities that no one else can.

Why Synack?

private and managed

Private & managed, unlike open bug bounty

best hackers in the world

Best hackers in the world. Most rigorous vetting in the industry

visibility and control

Visibility & control over all ethical hacker activities

industry-leading results

Industry-leading results, including highest signal-to-noise ratio and average bounty sizes

coverage analytics

Coverage analytics on when, what and how an asset was tested and its resilience to attack

triage and validation

Triage, validation and manual reproduction of all reports to prioritize only critical vulnerabilities

Our Performance Speaks for Itself


Overall Signal-to-Noise Ratio


Average hours to find first vulnerability


Average hours of testing in the first week of engagement


Engagements that discover severe vulnerabilities in first 24 hours of testing

Hacker Screening Process

Unlike open bug bounty programs, Synack believes unvetted hackers increase risk.
Learn how Synack differs from the open bug bounty model >

highly vetted researchers grouped based on government requirements

Synack will group the Synack Red Team for each engagement based on customer requirements, including researcher skillset, employment background, certifications, and geography. For government engagements, Synack will also group researchers based on government security clearance: SF-85P/HSPD-12 Compliance, US National, FVEY National, or Rest of World.



of SRT members undergo our mandatory 5-step vetting process


of SRT applicants are accepted


of hacker activity is tracked and available to customers through our portal

Like our testing, our vetting is continuous


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Synack Ethical Hackers Hack the Pentagon

Synack Ethical Hackers
Hack the Pentagon
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Government Agencies
Trust Us

Government agencies like the Department of Defense and the Internal Revenue Service choose Synack to test their sensitive digital assets because of Synack’s unique private, managed approach to crowdsourced security and industry-leading results.

Trust, security, and privacy motivate all that we do. Through our web-based portal, clients have 24/7 visibility and control into 100% of ethical hacker activities, captured through LaunchPoint™.

DoD Department of Defense

Department of Defense

IRS Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service

Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation

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