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Financial Services

F500/G500 Financial Services companies look to Synack to secure their assets and their reputations, beyond just meeting compliance requirements.

The Financial Services sector suffers one of the highest cyber incident rates and average breach costs of any industry
– IBM 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index

Hacker-Powered Penetration Testing for High-Value Assets

Financial Services companies’ large volumes of financial assets, transactions, and customer data under management make the industry a no-brainer target for cybercriminals.

Synack’s hacker-powered approach to penetration testing enables Financial Services companies to understand their security risk from the adversary’s perspective

With Synack You Can Test:

insight into web exploits

Get insight into how a cybercriminal could exploit security vulns to gain entry to a web app, sensitive customer data, and funds

discover mobile vulnerabilities

Discover unknown vulnerabilities in mobile apps and APIs that hackers could exploit to access customer accounts

uncover host infrastructure vulnerabilities

Uncover vulnerabilities within, and any changes to, networks & host infrastructure before they cause downtime and revenue loss

analyze vulnerabilities in the enterprise

Analyze how vulnerabilities within internal and consumer-facing devices impact the grander enterprise ecosystem

The Synack Value

real-time analytics

Real-time analytics on when, what, and how clients’ digital assets were tested

detailed actionable assessments

Detailed, actionable assessment and vulnerability reports with reproduction and remediation instructions direct from the Synack Red Team

complete customer control

Complete customer control and visibility throughout the engagement

Financial Service Case Study

Read the Financial Services Solution Overview to learn more about Synack’s Financial Services solution and a recent case study. See how Synack was able to find a previously undetected vulnerability that could have allowed an attacker to obtain customer data, access bank accounts, and steal funds.

financial services case study

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