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Synack Launches Integration with Nucleus Security to Enhance Security Visibility

May 2024
Greg Copeland
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Synack, the premier Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) platform, is announcing an integration with leading cybersecurity technology firm Nucleus Security to bridge the gap between vulnerability management and security testing. 

Synack’s PTaaS platform provides actionable insights about exploitable vulnerabilities in a customer’s environment. Vulnerability management tools such as scanners provide useful security insights, but security teams haven’t traditionally coordinated their results with pentesting solutions. With the Nucleus/Synack integration, customers can ingest Synack-sourced security testing data into the Nucleus vulnerability management process, visualizing Synack’s data alongside insights derived from other assets and vulnerability sources. This integration enhances organizations’ overall security visibility.

The integration also adds prioritization to the vulnerability management lifecycle. Vulnerability management and security testing vendors – including Synack – provide excellent vulnerability context like severity, CVSS score, exploitability and remediation recommendations. However, because data may be siloed or missing the business context of the assets impacted by each flaw, it can be hard to prioritize which vulnerabilities to address. Complicating this challenge is the fact that customers may use many tools, each with their own sources of vulnerability data. 

To counter this, Nucleus provides a customized risk score on a scale of 0 to 1,000 that combines vulnerability information from multiple vendors (including Synack) with business context provided by the organization. This ensures security teams know which vulnerabilities present the most urgent risks.

A dashboard showing exploitable assets discovered by Synack correlated to Nucleus risk scores, which are on a scale of 0 to 1000
Exploitable assets discovered by Synack correlated to Nucleus risk scores

Risk scores make it easier to cut through noisy alerts to focus on the vulnerabilities and affected assets that matter. The Nucleus/Synack integration with Synack correlates risk score, criticality and exploitability, so actionable insights bubble up to the top. By drilling down on Synack testing results highlighted by Nucleus, customers obtain details on the nature of the exploit and specific recommendations on how to remediate the problem before bad actors can take advantage of the security gap.

A dashboard showing vulnerability details of a SQL Injection in Price-Order API with "critical" severity and a risk score of 1,000 highlighted in red
Synack exploitable vulnerability details and recommended solution for a high-risk score asset

The integration is available at no additional charge to customers with both valid Synack and Nucleus subscriptions. For information on how to set up your Synack connector for Nucleus, please visit here.

About Nucleus Security

The Nucleus Platform is a Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) solution that automates vulnerability management processes and workflows, enabling organizations to mitigate vulnerabilities 10 times faster, using a fraction of the resources that it takes to perform these tasks today.

About Synack

Synack’s premier on-demand security testing platform harnesses a talented, vetted community of security researchers and smart technology to deliver continuous penetration testing and vulnerability management, with actionable results. We are committed to making the world more secure by closing the cybersecurity skills gap, giving organizations on-demand access to the most trusted security researchers in the world. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with regional teams around the world, Synack protects federal agencies, DoD classified assets and a growing list of Global 2000 customers, uncovering over 14,000 vulnerabilities for clients in 2023 alone.